This truly is the most amazing listing system ever created, because it actually works and it is easy to do. Unfortunately, it’s rarely taught anymore, and the people who DO still use it likely won’t share it. As Mike Krein is now a “retired” broker and no longer competes with anyone he is giving it away for free!  There’s a script and a method, along with tips and tricks for success. What is it?

ep2-300k-2Commit to one hour per day!

No one has yet created a comprehensive, automated system for obtaining listing leads. Calling still leads the pack when it comes to success. Follow up is easier than ever before with the technology we have at our fingertips to stay organized and focused. It truly only requires one hour per day.

The Problem with Other Systems

Automated listing leads fall short for one big reason: no personal contact. Take a look:

  • Social Media: Difficult to do at volume, no personal contact, low results.
  • Mailing Programs (farming): Long term, expensive, no personal contact, low results.
  • Social Networking: You do have personal contact with this method, but it is limited by time and the number of social contacts (real friendships) you can maintain. So, it may be all personal contact, but it isn’t scalable.

ep2-300k-1The Best and Most Effective System

The best and most effective system is: Personal Contact at Volume. That’s another way of saying “COLD CALLING.” I know, I know! Cold calling sucks. But you know what? Cold calling works, and it doesn’t have to suck if you do it this way. It can be hard to convince yourself and your agents to do this, however this system is actually easy and relatively painless – and anyone can do it for only an hour – so anyone can do it, and let’s face it that it’s still the best way to get listings, for a variety of reasons.

We first need to eliminate the main impediments to “cold calling”:

  • Rejection – Getting flat-out rejected is hard on a person’s self-esteem.
  • Mentally Draining – Cold calling for hours is exhausting.
  • Low Conversion – It can be very discouraging.
  • Ego – Thinking that it’s beneath you. It’s not. Get over it, and get your agents over it.

What About This One Hour a Day Thing?

By targeting the right audience and utilizing the right scripts with very high conversion rates, you can cut down dramatically on time required and a steady supply of good listing leads can be generated with only one hour per day of calling. But I am getting ahead of myself – these are not really “listing leads” in the traditional sense, yet this will still result in a tremendous amount of listings taken. That is what makes this system so much fun!

You can also reduce rejection and ego-bruising which is usually what prevents most agents from using this.

Now you are probably saying to yourself – great – another cold calling script… well I have news for you – it is not really about the script. It is about the system itself and why it works so well. The script and call are only the most efficient contact points. There is a lot more to this and it also happens to be the easiest listing system ever that doesn’t even require strong listing skills so it’s great for new agents as well.

There is a complete and free video lesson that teaches this system step by step at:

Take a look – you will be pleasantly surprised!

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