Homeownership brings stability to individuals and families who have never had anything that they could really call their own. There is something special about real estate that is unlike anything else on earth you can possess.

Real Estate is not a like a car that will decay over time and you have to replace it.

Real Estate you own is not like clothes that go out of style and you have to buy new ones.

Real Estate you own is not like expensive vacations or experiences that only last a moment in time.

Real Estate you own is not like an apartment that the landlord may sell or increase the rent until it is not affordable.

Real Estate you own is not like staying at your parents house where you know can’t stay forever.

Home-ownership is the essence of wealth that has nothing to do with money

Home-ownership is the essence of pride of a mother nurturer and a father provider.

Home-ownership is the essence of permanence and place you can raise your family from children to adulthood

Home-ownership is the essence of being able to build memories that can never be taken from you. Etch is walls and concrete

Howe-ownership is the essence of you – your style, your colors, your smell, your stuff, your junk, your memories, your yard and your spaces.

It’s the height markers on your first child’s bedroom wall.

Its the hearts drawn in the concrete slabs when you pour your patio floor.

It’s the birthday parties, and anniversaries in the living room and kitchen.

It’s the back yard barbecue with friends, neighbors and family.

it’s the high school and college graduation, and wedding receptions.

It’s the family nights and block parties where everybody knows each other.


It’s more than real estate.

It’s more than money,

It’s more than debt you get in to buy it.

It’s more than the payments you make to own it.

It’s more than the appreciation that comes with keeping it over time.

It’s memories, it’s family, and it is life that can happen in one place until you say it’s time to move.

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