April 2017

Dear Esteemed Readers, In honor of the anniversary of the passing of the Fair Housing Act and in remembrance of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, April is set aside as [...]

March 2017

Dear Esteemed Readers, We just concluded Black History month, and in spite of the history of this country I really appreciate that we have an entire month dedicated to the celebration of the [...]

February 2017

To our valued readers: As we enter February and Black History month, I am filled with pride to have witnessed the presidency of Barack Obama. I think I will look back on his presidency with the [...]

January 2017

To our valued readers: Happy New Year from The Power Is Now. With 2016 behind us, we joyfully acknowledge the New Year standing before us. We are bound to start 2017 strong with the upcoming [...]

December 2016

To our valued readers The final month of 2016 is upon us, as the excitement of the holiday season is nipping at our heels. Emerging from one of the most trying elections in American history we [...]


It’s the beginning of November and we are ready to face the “dramatic” election of one of the most powerful people in the world. I cannot avoid talking about the Presidential Elections for the [...]


The end of this year is near, which means it is time for cold days to kick in; dog days are behind us. With the new elections coming our way, we as possible voters are starting to feel pressured [...]

September 2016

Conference season is here! NAREB’s amazing conference has already passed us by, and if you missed it, then you really missed out on some premium professional development and connections as well [...]

August 2016

The 69th Annual NAREB Convention is just around the corner on August 12th to 16th in Long Beach California, and I am very excited about it and happy it is in California.  I am confident that it [...]

July 2016

As we continue into this warm summer, our beloved country is in a full blown crisis that has been developing for some time. We are all traumatized by the recent shootings and murders of unarmed [...]

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