As a Listing agent you should be constantly seeking out opportunities to differentiate yourself from your competition. Every Listing agent needs a unique value proposition in the marketplace when it comes to marketing, advertising and selling real estate. Declaring that you are number one in all of your marketing materials only goes so far. So what exactly makes you different than the rest of the number one agents? That answer is you. You make the difference as a real estate professional in every aspect marketing and selling real estate and The Power Is Now VIP Agent program can help you demonstrate how different you are.

The VIP Agent program will help you get more listings and more attention to yourself and all of your marketing efforts. The VIP program enables The Power Is Now to become your marketing department and handle everything you need to promote your listings and to help you stand out as a real estate professional online. The benefits and deliverable of the program are listed below:

  • Our team will record an interview on Online Radio and Online TV about your career in Real Estate that you will be able to put on your website and will be played on and the Power Is Now TV.
  • You will be able to use this interview as a professional introduction about you and your business to send to all of your listing appointments in advance.
  • This product alone separates you from your competition.
  • Our team will record a radio interview with you on each of your listings as part of your overall marketing strategy to get more exposure on all of your listings.
  • We strongly encourage you get the seller involved in the interview to talk about their property if possible.
  • Sellers carry a lot of credibility and if they are outgoing and like talking about their real estate for sale.
  • In addition, you can use this online radio and TV show to promote the property on all of your social media accounts and by email.
  • Our team will create a full page ad in the Power Is Now Magazine to promote your business and all of your services as a professional real estate agent.
  • This magazine is distributed to hundreds of thousands of agents nationwide and even more consumers nationwide as a free e-magazine.
  • Set yourself apart by having an advertisement in a professional magazine that is written for consumer and real estate professionals.
  • Our team will create a full page ad on 2 listing every month in the e-magazine (one page per property).
  • There is an additional cost per page after two pages.
  • Maximum of 4 pages per issue.  You can also have a two-page spread on one listing.
  • Our team will write a 300 to 400-word article for you in each magazine issue about your market area, and the local stats, economics, new real estate developments and any other noteworthy news there may be about real estate in your market area.
  • All you need to do is send us a short outline or commentary about it and we will take care of the rest. This article will not only be in our magazine but also your blog for your website.
  • Our team will customize your social media pages up to five accounts every month to show that you are current with the times with different social themes throughout the year.
  • We will also take over posting relevant information on all of your pages once a day.
  • Your social media will be active and relevant all the time.
  • Receive 30 minutes of free business or personal coaching from Eric L. Frazier MBA monthly by appointment only.
  • You will also receive business coaching, from me and other experts on my team.
  • Business coaching includes business planning, S.W.O.T. analysis, Recruiting, Marketing Strategies, Forecasting and Social media and raising capital.
  • Whatever your goals and objectives are will become ours and we will help you achieve them.

Receive VIP expedited services from our affiliated partners.
Receive other services at below market prices because of your membership with the Power Is Now:

  • Website Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Social Media Managment & Services
  • Invitation to private teleconferences with Industry leaders and rain makers.
  • Special discounts to real estate conferences and events.
  • Invitation to special mixers and dinners at real estate conferences and much more.
  • Invitation to be a co-host with me on specials radio shows with industry leaders and rain makers.
  • Personal one on one introduction to decision makers in banking, default services, and asset management.
  • Weekly participation the Home Buyers Online Seminar teleconference and webinar as a co-host. We do all the work.
  • Co-brand the Home Buyers Online Seminar as your program to support Buyers and Sellers in your area.
  • Promote it in your area.
  • Receive Buyers and Listing leads support from Leads generated from the Power Partner Program and other advertising.
  • Receive Buyers and Listing leads from the Power Is Now network of agents, investors and listeners across the country.
  • Receive discounted lead generation services from national lead generation companies.
  • Receive management and support of your existing leads from inquiry to closing.
  • To get started you must first be approved by The Power Is.
  • There is also a vetting process and certification.
  • You must be an experience real estate agent with a track record of success to participate in the program.
  • An establish business relationship with The Power Is Now is required to participate in all of the Power Is Now services and business opportunities.