A Closer look at housing insecurity: How agents can step in and Help

Real estate agents are uniquely positioned to change the housing situation in the country. they are the people who are in close contact with both parties across the aisle, that is the buyers and sellers alike. Today, more than half a million Americans are homeless and that number continues to rise, especially now with the COVID-19 crisis. Experts also agree that the numbers are not inclusive of the people who are sleeping outside which means, the number of homeless, could actually be higher. This paints out the ugly picture that the government has refused to take up responsibility for. In fact, in some cities, homelessness has reached a crisis level as more people continue to flock into the city hoping for better economic opportunities, this has ultimately led to rent escalation and a frenzy bidding war. In many places, most people are an emergency away from a missed rent payment.

As such, it is the responsibility of everyone to work together towards saving the country’s misery housing situation. The central and the local governments can only do so much, which leaves the ball in our court. Today, we look at the various ways through which agents can help tackle the affordable housing crisis.

Promote and share

You have to understand that not every real estate agent has the financial muscles to provide affordable housing. Additionally, some may not even be working in markets that have room for affordable housing. And yes, it is understandable that most agents do not have the time or the resources, but most have the influence, and with that power of influence, comes responsibility. If all you can do is promote the importance of affordable housing on your blog, website, social media, and such, or even to share content like this, then actively do it. At times, the simple gestures that we do matter a lot, and they are the best thing we can do to help.

Support remote working

Today, especially due to the Coronavirus pandemic, remote working has been trending. It is estimated that at least more than half the population is already working remotely. The real estate companies, brokerage firms, and teams can avoid getting cash strapped and priced out of business by facilitating more remote working for their workers. Additionally, they could hire a professional team of freelancers to work from further. This ultimately drives down the costs and leads to more profits. Also, it means better working conditions for the workers who would otherwise spend more time commuting daily to work. What is good for a worker will turn out to be good for the company resulting in increased performance.

Offer affordable housing options

In many markets, there are affordable housing plans or if there aren’t, chances are, they desperately need one. Many real estate agents work in the markets, and even if it is not your main niche, it is worth participating in. and the options available are unlimited. Agents can participate in selling affordable housing and keep it viable. Also, investors in the real estate market can help provide affordable housing via rentals and resales.

Providing sustainable, green, and affordable housing

Real estate agents, investors, and homeowners should be striving for a greener and more sustainable housing options. The real estate industry has made major moves in terms of providing these facilities. But we are not there yet. Much needs to be done to make our houses greener and more sustainable in the long run. nonetheless, the word sustainable has been associated with costly homes and it is true because if you look at some of the homes with the highest LEED certifications today, while they may be innovative, they are far from being reliable. The true sense of sustainable buildings means a building that is affordable and also, a truly green building means fewer expenses on energy. In most cases, recycling existing housing stock may be the greenest and most sustainable solution. Also, it may keep housing far much more affordable as compared with the new luxurious ‘green’ homes.

Build-in Savings

When we talk about affordability, what comes to mind almost immediately is the mortgage payments or the rents, but it is far much more than that. Rents and the monthly mortgage payments are just a part of the overall expense. There are property taxes, insurance, and utilities that all part of the package. Agents, investors, and builders can do much to help ease the situation by building and rehabbing homes. Homes can be more energy-efficient, safer and the design can be made to incur fewer taxes.  

These are the various ways through which agents can help solve the critical issue of affordability in the country. if you would like to speak to a real estate agent, whether to sell your home or buy, speak with Success Money today. Success Godis Money, #IamSuccessMoney is a creative and passionate entrepreneur. Success started her career in the mortgage and real estate industry in 2005 while studying Business Administration and Communication in college. Success has assisted with establishing and serving on numerous boards throughout her career including; The Black Chamber of Commerce, NAREB National Association of Real Estate Brokers at the city, state, and national level.

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