The rockiest trading stretches have occurred over the past few months. Everyone in the U.S. was happy around the month of April. This is because the price of government bonds was soaring like never before. However, this all changed after the European Central Bank introduced its bond buying program. This program instantly made its way to the U.S.

Due to this, two bonds hit their highest. This was the German bond and the Treasury bond. These were the highest levels seen in the last several months. This situation surprised all investors, and investors looked at this situation as violent. Analysts believe there is only one good thing about this situation: prices that were out of control will calm down a great deal.

Growth and inflation always protect bonds, but this is only true for a healthy economy. The greatest tool to use in order to track the growth and expected growth of all bonds is called real yield. This is the coupon the person that issues the bond is willing to pay. This gets subtracted by the year-to-year consumer price change.

Recently, it has been evident that the tool real yield and inflation have been side-by-side. This has produced the notion that the interest in bonds will become lower. Investment specialists from all over the world have agreed with this. Many believe it is going to be a lot worse than people actually think.

Regardless of opinion, it is fact that bonds are going to be very expensive. This is because the growth is at an all-time low. The growth in bonds has never been this low in all of history. This has caused people everywhere to come into great panic. Some investors argue this issue because bonds are in a more secure place than two months ago, but the growth is still way too low.

Europe was the first place to actually see this take place. They now bear the proof that inflation on a government bond is a long bond’s nightmare. As soon as government bonds rise, long bonds rise right with them. This is causing both the government and citizens to second-guess bonds as a whole. It appears bonds are not as strong as people depicted them years ago. Many bonds are only worth a few dollars if anything because of the way the economy is operating.

People are starting to see the economy differently now. For a while, it was just words. People heard of how bad it was, but the reality never truly set in. Now, the reality is starting to set in.