Have you ever wondered if applications exist that can make being a broker or realtor easier? Are there any apps out there for phones that can keep you more organized as you go about your busy home-selling days? Are there tools out there for agents, or brokers, too?

Fantastically, many apps exist that can help both real estate agents and brokers stay both organized and sane through their long and busy work days. Tools for your phone do exist to help make your life, and your career, easier, keeping you both on schedule and on target. After all, it can get very hectic at times when you are in real estate. Why make things any more difficult than they have to be? Why not just make things simpler?

Keeping it simple and using some of the following apps listed below here should not only make you more organized but much more time efficient. As they say, time is money, and that saying could not be any truer than in the world of reality. Read on and learn more about some apps that can assist your day in and day out. And once you start using them, you will probably wonder how you ever lived without them.

Before the Purchase


Need to look up property in a hurry? Wouldn’t it be nice just to whip out your phone and do so? Well, now you can. Zillow is the one stop shop for a handy property search full of helpful search filters to help you pull up listings in a hurry, or simply look up comparative information as needed. Another nice thing about the website is that it offers some extra features as well, like property estimates and mortgage calculators, both of which can help you more easily answer specific client questions as they come. Perhaps even better, you also get a nice overview of the real estate market nearby as well as other available properties when searching for property info on the website. Another nice feature is that the app also utilizes MLS numbers, helping you with your searching goals.

Google Maps

Have you ever had one of those days when you are driving around to a new listing, and you get lost and lose track of where you are? Has it ever happened to you while talking to a client? It can be embarrassing to look like you do not know the area of houses you are selling, especially when you have a client with you. When of the best apps you can get to help you is Google Maps. You will always look like you know where you are going with this app, and you will never be officially lost again. Just enter the next address of your next listing, and let the app guide you easily to your destination.

Mortgage Calculator

Whether you like math and numbers or not, as a realtor, clients are going to ask you about more than just housing prices. Many of them will want to know about mortgages, monthly payments, and mortgage payback plans in general. They have to know if the house is affordable to them monthly and if they can make the payments to fit it in their budget. Mortgage Calculator is a great tool for this. Not only does it give accurate results, but it also lets you factor in other items into the budget planning for your clients. For instance, you can check out bi-weekly mortgages or monthly payments on it, and help guide your clients with their final decision. So the next time one of your potential home buyers asks you about a housing mortgage, all you will have to do is take out your phone, enter in a few numbers, and you will have an immediate and well prepared on the spot answer.


So, what do you do if a client asks you what type of people live in a neighborhood? Chances are, if no prospective homebuyer asked you that question yet, you would get asked it at some point. Before purchasing a home and moving into a neighborhood, many individual buyers wonder if they will fit in with their possible neighbors. People like having things in common with their neighborhood. So, what do you do? That’s where Sitegeist comes in. Whatever neighborhood you find yourself in, you’ll be able to pull up a bunch of interesting information about the people that live there immediately. Facts you can quickly uncover for your client include things like the average temperature of the locality, the typical age of people in the neighborhood, what traffic is like, and the best local hangouts. Some of these questions clients may ask you when they consider whether or not to purchase a particular home, so be prepared. If you can both quickly and honestly research things for them and answer their questions, not only does it help you to establish trust with your client, but it also demonstrates how prepared and organized you are while at the same time aiding them with their home buying decision

Making the Purchase

When your client finally decides on what home he or she wants to buy, a few other apps can help you get the final paperwork done much more easily should you decide to do it electronically.

Cam Scanner

When you need to scan or make a copy of a document, utilize cam scanner. You can now make copies and scan things using just your phone or tablet. What is incredible is that the scanner looks exactly as if you had just run it through a regular scanning machine. You no longer have to rush around to make copies of paperwork; you can simply take pictures and scan them in a few seconds with Cam Scanner.


So now that you have documents that you scanned, you need to save them somewhere. Why not do it so you can access them from anywhere, like the cloud drive Dropbox? Dropbox works on almost all mobile devices as well as computers, and you can create folders for each one of your clients to keep yourself organized. Another great feature is the fact you can share your files with whomever you need to share the files with, and access the information anywhere, anytime, with just a mobile device or a computer, and an Internet connection.


Now that you have a scanner and a place to save your documents on the go, what you also need is the ability to sign documents easily. SignEasy lets you do this, allowing you to sign any documents from your mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Now, with all of these helpful apps on your phone, you will be more organized and efficient with your time. Not only will you better be able to answer your client’s questions about houses and neighborhoods, but you’ll also have your little mobile office on your phone with you everywhere you go.

This is such an easy, convenient part of your life as a home buyer. Start downloading these helpful apps now! If you are ready to buy a home, please contact me at eric.frazier@thepowerisnow.com for my expertise to get you into your dream home. The Power Is Now!

Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA

President and CEO