Some homes make a bigger first impression than others. While curb appeal and other features have a lot to do with drawing a potential buyer in, the overall design of the house is a major factor as to whether a buyer will call for a tour of the property. While numerous architectural styles exist, some are more popular with current buyers than others and are driving the values of homes. Here is a look at the styles that appeal most to today’s home buyers.

Craftsman Style

First seen in the early 20th century, Craftsman style homes developed from the Arts and Crafts movement. The use of natural materials define this style and appeals to today’s eco-conscious buyers. You will often seen wood, stucco or stone for the siding with an open floor plan as well as  a soothing natural color palette. A wide porch welcomes visitors and features large columns that make a statement (The 10 Home Styles that are Most Popular Around America, Jan 2015). The Craftsman Style homes are seen as homes with character and history. Many buyers want to come into a home and be able to feel that it has been taken care of as well as lived in and gained history. 

Country Style

These homes were first designed on rural properties with farming families as the owners. They were often modeled after Victorian and Colonial homes, focusing on function rather than aesthetics. A large porch creates a welcoming outdoor space while the interior is informal. Plenty of large windows on both the first and second story bring in natural light and continue the inviting atmosphere inside. They may also be called country homes, even when they are built in the city (The 10 Home Styles that are Most Popular Around America, Jan 2015). These country style homes have been particularly interesting lately, because they are often focused on in DIY projects to refurbish and reinvigorate these old country homes. This is most commonly done in order to bring out the inner character of the home while retaining its valuable style.  

Modern Style

Modern homes were actually built back in the 1950s and 60s. They feature flatter roofs and large horizontal windows. Inside, they often come with large fireplaces and feature very few ornate details. You will see wood, stone, and marble used throughout the space with clean lines and simple design that appeals to today’s busy homeowners (26 Popular Architectural Home Styles). 

Contemporary Style

Contemporary and modern are not the same architectural style, even though some professionals may accidentally interchange the terms. Contemporary is about today’s buildings, which quite often vary in design. These buildings all do share a few traits in common, including a focus on energy efficiency, plenty of windows for natural light, the use of sustainable materials, and an invaluable open floor plan. You will see high ceilings, but not a lot of decoration or detailing in this style (26 Popular Architectural Home Styles). Contemporary styles have grown organically from modern styles of homes, incorporating their clean lines and functionality. 

Mediterranean Style

Popular as much for the outdoor living space as what is inside, this style of home features large, inviting patios, verandas and courtyards which are designed to be an extension of the inside of the home. Otherwise, you will find minimal details on the exterior. Inside, the walls are usually plaster and the ceiling may feature exposed wood beams. Floors are made of tile. The use of natural elements and simplicity in the design appeals to many buyers (Exteriors: Housing Styles Explained). This Mediterranean style of home has such a high appeal, especially in the warmer states, that there is an increase of demand for this style. 

Cottage Style

In many areas of the country, cottage style homes are popular because of their simple elegance. They feature a large porch with a second story created out of the attic space. These homes were first built in the 1920s, and can feature quite a bit of square footage in spite of their image as being small and cozy. These homes were chosen originally because they were less expensive than other houses and featured simple details. Today’s buyers prefer the cottage style when they don’t want a large space to take care of and still want a home with character. (The 10 Home Styles that are Most Popular Around America, Jan 2015)

With so many styles of homes available to choose from, there is something different for everyone. Buyers often select a style based on their personal taste, but most modern house hunters are looking for something that is easy to take care of and offers simplicity in the style. From classic to contemporary, home buyers are searching for a house that feels like a home with their own personal style. A variety of architectural styles have been driving value as their popularity skyrockets across the nation. Watch for these styles as you begin to think about selling your home, buying your dream home, or recommending architectural styles to clients. After all, if you are building your own home, building one with a style that can be resold at a high value is imperative. Want to learn more? The Power Is Now Online Resource has you covered for all of your real estate needs. The power is now!


Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA

President and CEO