If you are planning to build a home, you may be looking at the various architectural styles to decide which one to use. While the design is important in terms of beauty and style, it also plays a role in the cost of the project. If money is a concern, you will want to choose something that reduces the cost of materials and labor.

Least Expensive

The most economical method of building a home is what is often termed as “foursquare” where the house is a square with four walls and a roof. There are no extensions in the back or on the side. For people who need more space, it is less expensive to build up rather than out. A two-story home will cost less than a single-story ranch because you don’t have as much foundation or roof material. (Economical Ways to Build a House)

Level ground ensures less work is required for the foundation, and a small crawl space reduces the cost as well. Basements add to the expense of building because of all the needed concrete.

When you look at plans, choose something like the cottage style home, which makes use of the loft area for the second story. This area can be finished out during the building or later on if you need the extra space. The farmhouse style is another relatively inexpensive design because it makes use of the foursquare philosophy with the second story built on top of the first.

Moderately Expensive

A one-story home, such as the ranch style home is moderately expensive to build. While this seems opposite of what you would expect because of the seemingly simple design, you must account for the cost of materials. A ranch style home is spread out, which means it takes more wood, siding and roofing material for the same amount of square footage in a two-story home.

Homes with a basement are also average in price for building. If you place a two-story home on a basement, you will have minimal amount of foundation work, but it’s still more expensive than setting this same house on a slab.

Homes with more windows tend to cost more as well, though they aren’t at the top end of the price chart. For example, the Colonial or Country style comes with a front full of windows, which makes it appealing to people who like a lot of natural light. Those windows do add to the cost, but not significantly. (Economical Ways to Build a House)

The Modern style home is one option for people who want to save money but not go the cheapest route. This style uses minimal decorative elements and an open floor plan to reduce cost. Natural materials found local to the area are often used, which further reduces the expenses of building. (10 Attributes that Define Modern Architecture)

The Most Expensive Homes

If cost is no concern, you can really make a statement with any architectural style that includes a lot of detailing in the design. Look for homes with columns, turrets, and multiple dormers, along with intricate carvings in the design and shutters on the windows. Think Victorian or Colonial Revival styles for your most expensive homes. The time and materials that go into building these homes make them astronomical in price. The Italianate design is another high-end style of home. With its window cornices, rounded windows and covered doorways, attention to detail makes this home stand out. While it’s a spectacular structure, it’s not for those on a budget. (26 Popular Architectural Home Styles)

With so many design styles to choose from, you can find something in every budget. The cost-conscious buyer or builder can select styles with minimal decoration and the need for less materials. The person with a massive budget or a focus more on aesthetics will find styles that make a bold impression with their attention to special features.