Becoming a First-time Homebuyer

Real Estate Round Table with Angelica Williams

Becoming a first-time homebuyer has never been an easy decision to make. It requires more than just one’s ability to afford it. Deciding to become a first-time homebuyer requires you to be prepared mentally, physically, and even financially. It requires you to do proper planning that will make achieving the American dream of homeownership possible. And ultimately, it requires you to work with the best realtors and mortgage advisors that will help you in making the most critical decisions.

At The Power Is Now, we continue to empower you and show you the possibility and benefits of becoming a homeowner. In the first October Real Estate Roundtable on The Power Is Now online T.V., we had a special guest, Angelica Williams, a first-time homebuyer. Also present in the show were VIP Agents Jenny Gonzalez, Kenneth Sessions, Yvonne McFadden, and Jerel Washington.

About Angelica.

Angelica, a mother of five and a domestic violence survivor, is a business owner, a parent advocate, and describes herself as a good human being. Angelica is originally from Oakland, but she has lived in most parts of the U.S. From her five kids, three were special needs at the time. In addition to that, her husband was incarcerated, so she was all by herself.  

Deciding to become a homeowner.

Initially, Angelica lived in an apartment where the landlord passed away, and his kids started wrangling over the property. To make it worse, they didn’t give Angelica a chance to buy the house. She had no choice but to move. This demonstrates the instability of living in a rented house because you have no control over anything when you don’t own the house. Things could go haywire any time, which could render you homeless, no matter how long you’ve been a tenant to the property. For Angelica’s case, she has been in the house for ten years.

With no intention of buying a home any time soon, Angelica was struck by the thought of trying to buy a house instead of moving to another apartment.  She decided to try the process from the real estate commercials she had seen on T.V.

“Homelessness gave me the strength,” Angelica says.

Buying a house.

Angelica had no money to pay for a down payment at that time, leave alone buying a home. “I had no money at that time. But I’m very resourceful,” she says. “I looked online all the time in different groups and for different things.”

To move out of the apartment, it had to be done on the basis of cash-to-keys. Initially, the heirs wanted Angelica to just move out of the property, but she fought her way through.

Angelica was highly assisted in the homebuying process by Kenneth Sessions, of Session Real estate, and a VIP Agent. “I met Kenneth through their real estate agent,” she says.

Angelica needed a house fast since her kids were in school. Additionally, she didn’t have the time to look for a house since she had children with special needs that needed her care. Kenneth promised her that they would find a house within one day, even if it meant looking for it overnight. Together with Kenneth Sessions, they looked up for houses on sale, got four rejections, but got a deal with the fifth one.


Before being connected to me by Kenneth, Angelica had previously searched for help from two other companies in vain. “I could only get like $50,000,” she says. “They told me if I was to go to anybody else, I’d be told the same thing. But I kept pushing.”

Angelica got help from the Sapphire Program, which provided her with down payment assistance. However, she paid something little for the closing cost from the cash-for-keys money she had obtained when moving out from the previous apartment.

“I feel good that no one but the bank can come and say they’re taking my house,” she concludes. You can watch the whole show here.

Personally, it’s hats off to Angelica for her determination and perseverance that saw her become a homeowner. Being able to achieve the homeownership dream with all the bad happenings surrounding her just proves that anyone can be a homeowner; you can be a homeowner too. And as you all know, there is no better time to buy or sell a home than right now.

The Power Is Now continues to keep you updated with the latest news in the real estate market. We also continue to advocate for homeownership, wealth building, and financial literacy for low to moderate-income and minority communities. In this regard, we have a team of professional realtors— VIP Agents stationed nationwide to help you with anything you need in attaining your homeownership dreams. You can get in touch with the VIP Agents at If you can’t find an agent from your area, you can contact me directly for a referral. Also, ensure you stay updated with any developing real estate market news by regularly checking our blog page at You can also set up an appointment to speak directly to me at

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