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Orange County, California is one of the most appealing places to live in the U.S. The excitement, diversity, vast cultural facilities, non-congested cities, reduced crime rates and of course the beautiful beaches make Orange County an ideal place for people of all walks of life. Perhaps you are already asking yourself: how expensive it is to purchase a home in Orange County? Well, you do not have to start by purchasing a home; there is always the rental option. Renting a home is an option in many circumstances if you are still not ready to buy a home, or you have not found the right destination to settle down. These, amongst other circumstances, make renting a place ideal. So, what are the best places to rent? In reality, the places to rent a house in Orange County are immense; however, these are the best places to rent in Orange County.


Irvine is one of those places that offers so much, yet remains affordable. Rich in apartments and family homes for rental, Irvine is indeed ideal. Additionally, it is amongst the safest cities in Orange County. In terms of education, the average student scores on API tests have consistently remained high, reflecting high success rates in the area.  Some of the outstanding facilities you will be able to access where you rent a house in Irvine include the Irvine Community College, 668-acre Great Park, UC Irvine, and of course the Irvine Spectrum Mall. In terms of cultural amenities, there is the Irvine Museum of Art, the Irvine Historical Museum, Barclay’s Theater, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Musical Theater Village, and the famous Pretend City Children’s Museum.

Newport Beach

Other than its substantially low crime rates, student score tests in the Newport Beach area will make anyone want to raise kids there. Although the rental prices are less than affordable for many, residents will tell you that the price is worth the stay. The city has an aura of an exclusive town that has earned it the name, “A Community of Villages.” These include the eight islands of Newport Harbor, Newport Coast, and Corona Del Mar. In term of lifestyle, anyone that resides in Newport Beach will find something that suites his or her lifestyle. For water lovers, you can enjoy the ten miles coastline; boaters can get a feel of the county’s harbors; nature lovers have more than 1,000 acres Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and Ecological Reserve to explore; and for the city-life lovers, Newport Beach’s high rise buildings offer exactly what you need. Families can also enjoy a wide array of attractions such as the outstanding Balboa Island Ferry, Orange County Museum of Art, Balboa Pier as well as Fun Zone, and the Environmental Nature Center.  Shoppers can also visit the upscale Fashion Island, surfers visit The Wedge, and hikers and bikers can enjoy themselves at Crystal Cove State Park.

Lake Forest

Like a majority of towns in Orange County, Lake Forest student test scores are premium, and crime is low. Its population is low and growing it hosts seven neighborhoods that have been master-planned, in addition to over four thousand new homes, a sports park, and a community and civic center. The town prides in up to twenty-nine public parks, a skating facility, and over 2,500-acre to explore in Whiting Ranch Regional Wilderness Park. Rental prices are at the median of Orange County, allowing Lake Forest to be more affordable than Newport Beach. Its strategic location allows residents to get a share of the South County, North County, as well as Laguna Beach without much difficulty. Its rental housing options range from post-WWII homes and apartment complexes to the exclusive gated communities.

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, unlike the overpriced Laguna Beach and Dana Point, is fairly affordable. Rental estates range from Huntington Harbor Estates to the Slater Slums. The most profound aspect about Huntington Beach is that if you want beach life without paying top dollar, then this is the place to be.

San Clemente

San Clemente, like the other areas, enjoy low rates of crimes and good schooling facilities. It has more than fourteen miles of hike trails, two-miles of public beaches as well as over twenty-one recreational parks accessible to all. If you love dogs, then here is the place for you with a boisterous dog park. Additionally, the parks here have access to beaches, while some are sports and others provide exclusive ocean views. Rental prices are affordable compared to the amenities you will enjoy. Being a resident, you will also enjoy the pier, the exclusive Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens, as well as the Pizza Port.

Long Beach

This is the best place if rental cost is your main concern. Long Beach is the least expensive compared to other Orange County towns. This town prides itself in its vibrant music scene. Regardless of the costs, you will enjoy access to not just the Coastline but also the progressive City Council and the Queen Mary. The places range from Belmont Shores to Little Phnom Penh, offering a plethora of rental housing options. For those that prefer hipster or unconventional apartments, this is the place to be. The people here are friendly and know what it takes to live as a community.


Fullerton is one of those places that college kids love, thanks to the avid nightlife. In terms of affordability, this is a great place, thanks to lots of single-family homes dating from as early as 1920s available for rent, making this another great destination for college age young people to afford. The rental homes here are gorgeous ranch-style homes and are located in the Sunny Hills neighborhood. Additionally, this is the home of diversity, bringing together all races and ethnicities together.

In general, Orange County has a lot to offer in terms of rental property. However, these are the best places you should start looking at before looking elsewhere.


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