Celebrating the National Freedom Day in an African American Style

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The National Freedom Day is a holiday in the US that was set aside to celebrate the freedom all Americans enjoy. More precisely, the holiday commemorates the day in 1865when the then-president Abraham Lincoln signed what came to be the 13th Amendment which ended tradition of slavery. The holiday which is celebrated every February 1, remains unpopular among many Americans. How much do you know about this day?

Let’s learn some history. American lobbyist, Richard R. Wright who is also a former slave, was 9 years old when President Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment. As a lobbyist, Richard believed that there should be a day when the freedom of all Americans should be celebrated, and more specifically the freedom of the African-Americans. Richard invited both national and local leaders to meet in Philadelphia to formulate plans to set aside February 1 of each year to commemorate the signing of the 13th Amendment on February 1, 1865. A year after Richard’s death in 1947, both houses of the US Congress passed a bill to make February 1 the National Freedom Day. The holiday proclamation was signed into law on June 30, 1948 by the then-President Harry Truman.

Why is the day important?

National Freedom Day was established with the aim of promoting goodwill, fairness, and equality. February 1, 1865 marks the day when the Black community was recognized, granted freedom, and their dignity restored. Celebrating this day allows everyone to take a moment to appreciate all the freedoms we enjoy daily consequently putting a positive spin on one’s day. Recognizing the freedoms we have makes living in America a unique opportunity and a blessing.

Celebrating the National Freedom Day.

The day is marked with various festivals on different towns across the country. The tradition of wreath-laying at the Liberty Bell to celebrate the day has also been practiced for decades. But as we all know, this year is not business as usual. With covid-19 still in our midst, social distancing is important in fighting the pandemic. Therefore, it’s best to spend sometime with family and friends learning the history of the day. Also, remember to take some time to reflect on the freedoms that the US honors and appreciate the goodwill of the country.


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