Co-host any live or pre-recorded show with the host and have the opportunity to introduce yourself to our audience. Co-brand yourself and your company as a leader and expert in Real Estate. By Co-hosting and advertising on the live show page with the Host and the guest speaker you increase your brand. Association is everything in Real Estate and business.


  • Special introduction by the Host to the Guest during the pre-conference meeting
  • 30 second commercial to introduce yourself & your company to the Power Is Now audience during the Co-host introduction segment
  • Lead off the Q&A with questions and comments about the guest’s presentation
  • Your picture, contact information will be listed on the live show page next to the speak as sponsor of the show
  • Your picture, and contact information will be placed in the monthly online Power Is Now Magazine for one issue and on the cover of The Power Is Now Radio Magazine
  • Your name and contact information listed in the written transcript available in The Power Is Now Books webpage
  • Your name and contact information will be listed in the press release sent out to the media
  • The show and your information will be a permanently in the show archives as a podcast

If you have any questions about advertising please call Kim Collier, Director of Publishing at (800)401-8994 Ext. 712 or Christina Kimble Sr. Relationship Manager directly at (800)401-8994 Ext. 705