“Here at the Power is now we live in the present, anticipate the future and create new milestones each day. Everything we are doing is a work in progress, and with that said, we intend to impact many lives for the better for years to come. Our philosophy is simple, stay in constant state of thrive, never resting until our goals are complete and continue to create milestones that lead to bigger and better achievements. This is not only our philosophy but our vision for a better us, a better you. So as we take each day with undeniable success, we keep a constant eye on the future and ask ourselves what is next? How will we continue to manage the challenges of change and fight the limiting beliefs that surround us? It’s simple, we go hard each and every day and never ask where the end may be, but how far can we go. The power is in our daily mindset, the Power is Now!”

Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA 

President and CEO 

NMLS 461807  CAL BRE 01143484