Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Most successful real estate agents can cite the significance of using digital marketing platforms such as Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing can transform your business into a success story when done in the right manner. Below are some Facebook marketing tips that real estate agents can borrow to create an effective marketing plan.

  1. Choose the right audience to target.

To develop an effective Facebook marketing plan, you have to narrow down your audience as much as possible. It’s not helpful for thousands of random people to see your advert on Facebook. You have to make sure that the ad gets to the right audience if you want results. The right audience is more likely to click on your ads when they see them, and they could turn into customers.

To get to the right audience, ensure you target a location depending on the location where you’re selling the property. Thanks to Facebook, using the Facebook geo-targeting feature, you can target a location by zip code.

Also, Facebook allows you to target specific demographics based on income level, homeownership status, and age ranges. Additionally, Facebook also enables behavioral targeting, such as people who are likely to move.

Using these features, you can generate useful, and quality leads from Facebook.

2. Use the right ad.

Once you have set up the appropriate audience, you should then create relevant real estate ads for them. The images and the text you use in your Facebook ad play a significant role in communicating with your audience. Since you’re targeting a diverse audience, ensure you use different language categorically. The language to use on an audience looking for retirement homes is not the same for first-time homebuyers.

Also, ensure the ads incorporate image and video icons to give your audience a complete picture of what you’re advertising.

3. Use a clear and compelling call to action.

When creating your ad, ensure you include a clear call to action button so that someone knows what you wanted them to do. The most popular CTAs on Facebook include; ‘Contact Us,’ ‘Learn more,’ ‘Call Now,’ ‘Apply Now,’ or ‘Send Message.’ CTAs gives the user the direction to take if they’re interested

4. Share helpful content.

Some homebuyers, especially first-timers, find the home buying process a scary experience to undertake. You can use your business page to generate helpful content such as tips for a less stressful homebuying process that can help such people. Such informational content will promote and boost your credibility and make it easier to connect with prospective homebuyers

5. Track progress.

Facebook ads for realtors are effective only when you monitor and track your performance and progress. Ensure you regularly check your ad’s analytics for impressions, cost-per-click, click-through rate, cost-per-action, and conversion rate. With these insights, you will be able to know what is working and what is not, to know what to improve and where.

Facebook marketing in the housing market can be very powerful when carried out appropriately. Generate quality and reliable leads by implementing the tips highlighted above.

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