Whether you have just recently begun your career as a Real Estate Agent, or have been in the business for a good amount of time, it is rare and often unheard-of for you to have just a 40-hour work-week. Most agents still have deals and the like to deal with on the weekends, late nights at home, and some work to do on their days off. An agent such as yourself does not–and probably cannot–take the burden of having to spend hours creating advertisements to promote your deals and properties on Facebook. However, you know that in our modern society, those that capitalize on social media to market effectively are the real money-makers. So what is the solution to your problem? Well, you do not have to get rid of ads altogether; you simply have to change the kind of advertisements you create. This is where Facebook Video Ads come into play. Let’s look at why you should drop the seizure-inducing advertisements and start engaging with your audience through videos.

It’s Less Time Consuming

As the saying goes, “Time is money.” This is especially true for real estate agents, as the amount of money that they make is not just linked to the hours that they work, but also linked to the hours spent in specific areas of their job. An agent spending all day doing paperwork could be earning money closing deals outside of the office, or losing money by not spending enough time attracting an audience on social media. Nearly half of all real estate agents work more than 40 hours per week, as Plaster reports. Half of those agents say that their current work hours are longer than when they first started. Would you not want to spend more of that time opening deals and closing them just as quickly? Video advertisements, as opposed to the traditional ads, grant you that kind of time. Think about how long it takes to:

Compare that to an effective 15-30 second video that contains enough info to cover the main ideas of what you are promoting, and is far more engaging than an ad simply because it is an actual person speaking to the viewer.

You Save Tons of Hard-Earned Money

So for those that are thinking “I don’t need to worry about doing all of that. I can pay someone to do it for me”–do you really want to spend that kind of money? While hiring someone to do an ad for you is less time-consuming, you are paying an unnecessary amount of money for a picture. A research study done performed by Double Click found that people are three times more likely to click the play button on a video ad than to click on an image advertisement. To make matters worse, when you pay for someone to create an advertisement, you are only getting the image. You still have to post the ad yourself, which requires you to understand Facebook’s advertisement platform, as well as how to choose the right audience to view your advertisement. Video ads are much cheaper, and the audience comes to you.

You Promote Yourself Better

Imagine if your real estate’s Facebook page was nothing but ads showing pictures of houses and rates, instead of the people that were selling the properties. Interaction is what all audiences desire. Would you prefer an ad of an inanimate person gesturing towards a house or a video of a well-dressed agent giving a video tour of the house that you were interested in? Viewers will feel a connection to the agent selling the property and will create the idea that they are actually at the site of the property, being given a tour. This is the key aspect of video ads that a banner image can never provide for your audience.

In any business, it is important to go all the way when it comes to making use of online resources. At the end of the day, image ads on social media have the same effect as handing out flyers in the street. You pitch it to them without any interaction; you force it on them, and they end up not being interested. Real estate agents should drop their ineffective banner ads and stay ahead of the game by promoting their properties with video advertisements, effectively showcasing their houses and other properties.

Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA 

President and CEO 

NMLS 461807  CAL BRE 01143484