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California is currently experiencing one of the worst water droughts in recent history, thanks to poor implementation in preserving water resources. It is estimated that if this problem is not addressed and climate change continues to become an impending reality, then we will soon experience one of the most severe droughts in the history of the U.S. in California.

Irvine Co. is one of the many companies that has taken the initiative to conserve water. Fresh new toilets are being readily installed across Southern California and other parts of the state in place of water guzzling, aging counterparts. The company has already replaced over three thousand toilets across the Newport Beach apartment communities in favor of low-flow flushers.

Water Preserving Initiatives

The $900,000 project involves switching old showerheads and toilets with water conserving models in apartments that were built before 1994. Since 1994, low-flow fixtures have become the standard, and the company is sure that all old properties follow the standard construction equipment.

Irvine Co. has been actively pushing its new toilet initiative in Irvine and is currently replacing more than 9,000 aging toilets at twice the cost of the Newport Beach project. Once the Irvine project is finished, the company looks to gives its properties in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Silicon Valley the new porcelain makeover.

Although the switch is coming at a very steep price, Irvine Co. claims that the initiative will cut the water bills by half while saving nearly forty-six million gallons of water per year at the Newport Beach. Fred Alson, the Head of Water Conservation for Irvine Co. claims, “It was just the right thing to do. The state needs this water.”

The credit is due to Irvine Co. who is implementing these changes before the judicial system makes the company accountable. The move will also force other apartment owners across California to follow the company’s lead by implementing water conserving models.

Combating Shortage in the Future

Just last year, the State of California passed the law that requires residential and commercial buildings to replace all aging fixtures to low-flow models that were built before 1994. It is also stated that these implementations are to become compulsory by 2019 for all buildings and condo complexes.

Irvine Co. has certainly exceeded the state standards with their new models in Newport Beach community. The bill mandates toilets to use 1.6 gallons of water per flush, while the company is installing 1.28 gallon fixtures. Their showerheads have also complied with the state flow requirement.

Despite California being the most overvalued state in the U.S., its water shortage has had little impact on bringing the median home prices down. In fact, the prices have only escalated in recent months which shows the power of investors in the region. Needless to say, if the water crisis is not addressed by other companies, the housing market would automatically become unattractive.  

Sellers Watch Out

If you are planning on selling your home during the water crisis, then you should invest in eco-friendly products such as new toilets that use less water. If you show that your home is more adaptable to the water crisis issues, then your home becomes more desirable in California. The water crisis creates a heavier focus on the environment in California, so if you add more energy saving elements like solar panels to your home, you will not only increase the value of your home, but also increase the desirability.

On a larger level, we encourage all property owners to “go green”, especially in regards to the water supply. Conserving water on a large scale in California will keep the property values from dropping simply because there is no water for the homes. After all, a home without water is not livable in this day and age. Running water is a must, and with less water, property values will plunge.

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