Happy? What makes you happy?

It’s Monday, and if there is any day where being happy can be challenging it is Monday.  We are all just getting back from the weekend and depending on your weekend, you probably didn’t want it to end or it ended too soon.   So, I understand  it.  To be honest I hate Mondays and I need to work on that because it represents an Attitude that, unfortunately, can set the tone and tenor of my day.   Do I really need to set myself up that way for the week?  No! I am better than that and I know it.  

So, we should all ask ourselves what makes us Happy?  Is our happiness internally driven or externally driven?  Is our happiness based on our ever-changing circumstances or is it based on our state of being or mindset? 


Which is it?  


Not only do we need to know, but we also need to understand that our happiness is based on a decision that we need to make in order to have the peace and love we need in our lives.   If our happiness is based on our every changing circumstance, then we will not only be unhappy, but we may also be fighting depression and depression can lead to death.

So, Happiness is best described for me as an acrostic: H.A.P.P.Y.

Each word represents an important component of what it means to be happy.   Here are two references for believers: Mat. 5 and Psalm 1.  So here we go: 


H Stands for Hope

Hope is defined by webster as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  It is the expectation that keeps us positive about life.  If you believe that something is going to happen it will happen.  It is that simple.  The Universe will bend in towards your positive expectation and the universe will be  bent out by your negative expectation.  Everything you try to accomplish will just get more difficult because you lack hope.  Someone once said that the most dangerous person in the world is a person without hope.  The hope within you is the result of a decision you made to have hope or no hope at all.   No one can give you hope.  You cannot buy hope.  You can’t borrow hope.  You cannot  steal hope from someone else.   You cannot eat or drink or smoke your way to hope.   Hope is a decision.


A Stands for Attitude  

Your attitude affects your altitude.  So, you will not get very far in life or high in life with a negative attitude about your life, the people in your life or your life circumstances. Whatever your circumstances may be.  If you believe your life is a mess and nothing is going to change then you are right. It is a mess, and nothing is going to change.  When we adjust our attitude we will be able to see clearly the road before us.  A negative attitude is a form of blindness.  You can’t see the opportunities right in front of you to change your life because you decided to have a negative attitude and your negative attitude is affecting your worldview.   You see no good in the world at all.  Everything is bad and you are surrounded by devastation and unrest and limited opportunity.   The glass is half empty and can never be half full or full.  The world is always coming to an end or you believe your business is going to stop growing or even stop.  You live with a mindset of scarcity and not abundance and so you never give to anyone anything.   How is that working for you?   It is not.  If you want happiness change your attitude.  It is a critical decision for happiness.


P Stands for Purpose  

Being clear on your purpose will bring you the most happiness.  A purpose-driven life is a happy life; a life filled with meaning and substance and joy and peace.   The foundation of purpose is understanding God’s will for your life.  God has given you talents and abilities and skills that only He can give.  No one understands why you are so talented and smart and gifted in so many areas.  But God knows and when you use those divinely gifted  talents because He gets all the glory.  We all know its not just you and your hard work. It’s also God. So, our purpose is to Glorify Him and it is easy when we are living in our giftedness.  Do not make it hard. Just embrace your giftedness and see what happens.  Be willing to use your gifts to help and inspire others and watch what happens.  Getting clear on your purpose means getting clear on your relationship with God and seeing yourself and an instrument He made to benefit the world.  When you understand that everything else falls into place.  Domino effect. 


P Stands for Passion

Passion and Love are the same things because you really can’t have one with the other.  The degree of passion you have may be different for one thing than another,  but it is still passion which has its foundation in love.  So, if you want passion then to do what you love.  If you are not doing what you love, then stop and find something you can do that you love.  Passion is love and with Love comes happiness.  What makes me happy is when I help some buy a home.  There is no better feeling than to make that call and say the “Loan is Funded welcome to your new home.”  Or when I read my poetry and the responses I received make me want to cry because the poetry touches their hearts in a special way.  Passion comes from Love and God is Love I John 4:8 KJV.  So, no wonder people respond to the passion of others.  They are really responding to God.


Y Stands for You 

You are responsible for your happiness.  Not me. Not your mother or father.  Not your sister or brother.  Not your wife or husband. Not your children. Not employer and neighbor.  Not even your best friend.  You and only you are responsible for keeping and maintaining your happiness. Until you decide to be responsible for your happiness, and you keep allowing others to be responsible for your happiness, you will continue to be let down by those very same people and remain in a state of unhappiness.  You are the captain of your ship. You are the master of your destiny.  Own it.  Nobody is going to love you more than you love yourself.  You should love yourself because you are wonderfully made by God and created in the image of God Himself who is Love. 

Happiness is a decision.  Just like Love.  Just like Peace. Just like Hope.  Just like Attitude.  Decide to be happy and everything else you need in life will fall into place.  Remember that you are responsible for your happiness, which means you set the rules and the environment by which happiness can thrive.   One way to be happy is working with professionals who are happy and understand how to make you happy in your next real estate transaction. The Power Is Now Media can help with your happiness. We have professional real estate agents located near you, speak to one of our VIP agent agents to help you start your homeownership journey.  To check to see if we have agents in your area click on the following link https://thepowerisnow.com/vipagentsservices/.  You can also contact me directly for a referral if we do not have an agent in your area.  I know agents in almost every state. Stay up to date with current real estate news and housing developments, by visiting our blogs page at https://thepowerisnow.com/blog/ daily.   If you’d like to set an appointment and speak to me directly, use the following link, https://calendly.com/thepowerisnow/ericfrazier 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions of Eric Lawrence Frazier are his own and do not necessarily represent views of First Bank or any organization affiliated with Eric Lawrence Frazier or the Power Is Now Media Inc.  First Bank is an Equal Credit Opportunity Lender. Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA is also a Vice President and Mortgage Advisor with First Bank. NMLS#461807 and a California Licensed Real Estate Broker DRE# 01143482. Email:  Eric.frazier@fbol.com. Ph: 714- 475-8629. 


Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA
President and CEO
The Power Is Now Media Inc.  


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