A Hope Ambassador is a volunteer intern position for people who are interested in starting a career in real estate as an agent and would like to shadow agents to learn more about the business of real estate as an intern. It is a part-time internship. The goal of the program is to exposed Interns to real estate operations, marketing and sales. The Interns job is to learn the business, assist agents in marketing and to promote The Power Is Now Home Ownership Movement as a Hope Ambassador.


Hope Ambassadors also volunteer at our homebuyer workshops and special events to assist the marketing team with set up, management of all events and to greet attendees.


Hope Ambassadors are assigned to a license agent as marketing partner to assist the agent in marketing and promotion in the Hope Ambassador’s market area and Mentor agent’s market area for mentoring and business development training.


The Hope Ambassador’s primary job is to learn and to start building their brand as a advocate for homeownership by promoting homeownership everywhere they go in their community: work, home, school, church, community organizations, clubs, neighborhood and etc. Selling real estate today requires that you be a consumer advocate, ambassador for the industry, and educator about the importance and benefits of owning real estate and investing in real estate for wealth and stability.


Hope Ambassadors promote and provide information about The Power Is Now Online Homebuyer Seminars and Live Seminars in their community by distributing flyers in the community and posting our marketing materials online.


Hope Ambassadors read, learn and share real eatate research and other academic resources available on The Power Is Now Resources website to educate people about loan programs, the home-buying process and selling real estate.


Hope Ambassadors participate with the team in our weekly agent sales and training meetings to learn about real estate sale and marketing, mortgage lending programs and industry trends by live video conferencing.


To participate in the Hope Ambassador Program you must be enrolled in The Power Is Now Agent Licensing Program and pay the participation fee. The Power Is Now has entered into a special agreement with First Tuesday’s Real Estate licensing school for new agent training support. You can sign up for the program at Enter our Code 5945 to receive a special discount on the online courses that are required to take the state exam. Once you are fully enrolled in the program you will be provided access to attend all Power Is Now training sessions, marketing sessions, special meetings and events as a Hope Ambassador until you have received your license.


The hope ambassador program is a six-month program. The program participation fee is $497 and is not refundable if you do not complete the program or pass exam. Click here to read our terms and conditions. If you are a college student majoring in business, marketing or real estate and taking 12 units or more the participation fee is waved.


After six months of active participation in the program, successfully passing the real estate state exam and receiving a real estate state license to sell real estate and successfully closing your first real estate transaction you will receive a reimbursement up to $2,000 of all your fees required to become an agent and to join your local real estate board and national real estate trade associations. You must close your first transaction within 90 days of receiving your license to recieve any reimbursement of fees.

The reimbursement includes the following fees:
1. The required licensing courses needed to take the exam
2. State licensing exam fees
3. Finger printing and background check fees
4. Required membership fees to your Local Real Estate Board and the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtor
5. Membership to one of the following minority real estate trade associations: National Association of Real Estate Brokers, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professional, Asian Real Estate of America
6. Membership in Veteran Association of Real Estate Professionals if you are active or retired military and/or honorably discharge military veteran.

The maximum reimbursement is $2,000 and does not include the Hope Ambassador participation fee. The Hope Ambassador participation fee is not reimbursable. If you do not close your first transaction within the 90 days of obtaining your license the reimbursement period will expire and you will no longer be eligible to recieve any reimbursement of your cost to become a real estate agent.


Newly licensed Hope Ambassadors agents will receive a 25% referral fee on all real estate commissions earned by their mentor agent and partner that were referred to their assigned mentor agent during their time in the internship program.  Click here to read terms and conditions. Only licensed real estate agents can receive referral fees. Any referral fees due to you upon licensing are not considered earned until you have become licensed agent. In addition you must obtain your license within six months of your start date in the program in order for any referral fees to be consider earned and payable to you upon receiving your state license.


$497 set up fee


Receive a full scholarship for full or part-time students 18 to 29 years enrolled in university or community college majoring in real estate, finance, business or marketing.

Receive a partial scholarship of $200 for First Time Homebuyer’s who are enrolled in the Power Is Now  Home buyers Club and have attended a Power Is Now First Time Homebuyer’s Live Webinar or Live Seminar and would like to start a career in real estate.