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Everybody wants to be an investor in real estate and there are plenty of people who for a fee will show you how to do it. This is not the mission of The Power Is Now Investment Club.

There are thousands of people who have the money and would like to invest but they do not have the time to learn:

Learning these things can empowering but with this education in hand your next challenge is not getting lost in the implementation of these strategies to make money. In addition it is really hard to find the right deals and no one is sending them to you because you are new to game.

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Our Mission


1. To identify individual or group investor who have verified cash and not lines of credit to purchase real estate within 7 to 10 days. These investors are vetted, and must provide bank statements along with a letter of intent that identifies the decision maker(s) and the person with the authority to release funds.
2. To identify principles only who have property for sale that has not been listed on the MLS nor is not under contract with a real estate agent to be placed for sale on the MLS.
3. To bring both parties together to facilitate profitable transactions that are transparent and will close.

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Our Vision


Our Vision is bring real estate deals to the table for our buyers and sellers to consider. This effort is led by Eric Frazier President and CEO of the Power Is Now. Eric has over 25 years of experience working with corporate sellers and buyer and managing the acquisition of real estate for The Power Is Now. The Power Is Now has more assets for sale coming weekly than we could ever buy and that is why the club has been formed. I have over 30 years of experience as a real estate broker and mortgage banker. Eric’s team bring years of experience and relationships that enable him to bring real estate opportunities to the Investors Club.

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Please apply if you are a serious investor. Membership is exclusive and is not guaranteed. Minimum cash verification is one million dollars for groups or individuals. If you are individual and would like to join a group please email Eric Frazier and we can refer you to an investment group that is pooling funds for investment.

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