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As you remodel your home or even your outdoor space, thoughts of sinking down into a relaxing Jacuzzi at the end of a hard day may fill your mind. While there is no doubt a Jacuzzi or hot tub has many benefits for health and relaxation, you may not be so sure about it for real estate value. If you plan on selling your home in the next few years, then you must consider this aspect of the purchase before making a decision.

Does a Jacuzzi Add Value?

Jacuzzis can add value, depending on the specifics of the model and other factors. If you know you plan to install a Jacuzzi and just want to know which one to select, consider these issues.

  • Portable hot tubs are seen as personal property you can take with you when you move, so they add no value to your home.
  • Permanent hot tubs can increase the value of your property, and they are installed in the ground like a swimming pool. However, you will not recoup nearly all of the price you paid for the amenity.
  • Portable tubs can add value if they are built in. The amount will vary, but it likely won’t be enough to recover your costs.
  • Location also plays a role in how much value the Jacuzzi adds to your home. Colder climates often welcome hot tubs when an outdoor swimming pool wouldn’t be in use. (Does a Hot Tub Increase Home Value? 2014)

What If You Already Have a Jacuzzi?

If your home came with a Jacuzzi and now you’re ready to sell, you may wonder if you can improve the value of your home by removing it or just enhancing it. While you will not make the addition of a hot tub more appealing for the area where you live if it is not a popular choice, you can improve the look.

  • Make sure landscaping is kept up and attractive. A fence around the hot tub often enhances the image of a spa retreat. Soft lighting and a well-kept path leading to the Jacuzzi may appeal to buyers.
  • The tub should also be cleaned well and the water treated. Make sure there’s no algae or any unpleasant sights or smells around the area that could turn buyers off.
  • Old covers should be replaced before showing your home to buyers. An updated cover can make your Jacuzzi look like new even if it’s an older model. (Does Owning a Pool or Hot Tub Increase the Value of Your Home?)

Calculate the cost of removing the Jacuzzi with the price you can get on your home with one. Sometimes, it’s not about how much a hot tub adds to your home as how much removing it would cost. On the other hand, if it appears to be hindering your sale, you may want to invest the money. Just realize you will have some cleanup and repair work to do once the hot tub is gone.

Adding a Jacuzzi is often a personal decision that not everyone will agree on. Removing it can be a choice you make to help your home sell. Either way, consider the pros and cons of having one while you live in the house and when you are ready to sell. A permanent Jacuzzi can add a perk to your home; however, be cautious and consider if you are actually going to use your investment. If you would like to learn more, then peruse my website at 


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