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Jenny Gonzalez

About Me

I have been happily helping clients since 1998. I started out with three boys 5 and under and wanted to raise my children from home and be a contribution to my family as well. I first started at a company that did Real Estate and Loans. I first learned the loan business as Real Estate revolves around loans and it is an important part of learning Real Estate. After 6 months of mastering that craft (I’m a numbers person) I dove straight into Real Estate. My first listing was a couple in their 30’s that responded to a handwritten letter to them like all the other letters. They called me in and told me their story. She had just had breast cancer treatments and they had a bun in the oven that was never supposed to happen, and they owed more on their home than it was worth. Yes, in the late 1990’s I did my first Short Sale as my first listing. One year later I got a wonderful visit from very thankful family with a beautiful baby girl. My first Buyers I met at a school carnival I was working a booth. This family had three girls the same age as my three boys. The husband was a police officer and I found him a home under the Officer Next Door Program. This was their first purchase and we are still friends to this day. This family then adopted a little boy and moved a couple of times and even trusted me to find homes and open escrow with them in a different part of the state!

These two experiences launched me into a world I quickly understood the needs of Sellers and Buyers. I was able to do loans, control the transactions with knowledge and confidence that I could help anybody no matter what the circumstance and how long it took.

There is no way to describe the feeling you get handing keys to someone that never had something of their own, or helping a person get their next dream home and fulfilling that dream for them.

I started working with Investors in the early 2000’s and had a blast with multi-family homes and historical homes and seeing the absolute vision of rehabilitating homes. I now have 5 investors that I work with and I am constantly looking for more homes for them to put their beautiful touches on.

I worked at many different offices in my career. I currently am at Keller Williams in Corona. This office absolutely opened my eyes. They focus on God, Family, then work. I started reading again and actually found my purpose! I have a lot of Veterans in my family and those that I know and have known. I am part of a group called The Hometown Hero Project. We focus on education Veterans with regards to their rights and go out of my way to give them the resources that they need that they look for but can never find. When I give a Veteran a pamphlet with the information they need, they treat it like gold. It warms my heart to sit down and have one on one conversations about everything in life. This summer I attended a seminar with Sean from CalVet from Sacramento regarding the homeless crisis with our vets and what they are doing to help. I collected used work attire for interviews for a Job Fair recently in which they helped over 80 veterans. It was so nice to meet the veterans and thank them for their service and provide a bunch of educational material for them to have and they were so grateful. We are now reaching out to First Responders, Teachers, Nurses all that are Heroes to us.

I also am on the Housing Affordability Committee at my local Board of Realtors. We raise money for the State Committee in order to get grants from them to help our local first-time homebuyers lower their monthly payments. This is so important in some of the transactions that come up and the buyer is off by just that much to purchase that home and the Committee is working to make that happen for as many homebuyers as possible.

I now just do Real Estate because that is my passion, I leave the numbers to the lenders and only use the ones I trust and have relationships with because there are too many lenders out there that have lip service. I can tell by one conversation whether I want to work with someone. Lenders are not all the same.

I am constantly keeping up with the industry and my business is referral based and I am proud to have so many referrals on a regular basis. I have not had a complaint about my service at any time, in fact I have been taken on free cruises, received gifts and all kinds of things from past and current clients. I value my relationships and am always there even if it is a question here or there.

I have a group of agent I work with so I am always available in some way, all my clients are constantly being taken care of on a daily basis. There are so many agents out there that get their clients into escrow then disappear. There are also agents that take listings and just think they will sell themselves. That is not my philosophy. My family does come first but I arrange my schedule around my clients and the most important things.

I look forward to meeting new Sellers, Buyers and Investors. I believe that all clients are to be treated like family and deserve the best service by the Real Estate Agents they chose! I love referrals!

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