Job Placement (Real Estate Agent Placement Program)

Making Recruiting easy for Brokers and job transitions easier for Agents


How do you drive volume, market share and profitability? By Recruiting. Recruiting is the number one way to grow market share and become profitable. Whether or not you want to stay small with 25 or less agents or large with 250 or more agents, you must constantly recruit and replace the bottom 20% and also upgrade the middle to top producers.

The key to profitability by recruiting is being selective on who you hire and having a strong value proposition so that they are willing to work for you at a reasonable commission split. It is very important to be selective on who you hire. A quality candidate must not only be a proven producer but also understand your value proposition and be willing to work for you on terms that are profitable to the company.

Most brokers only spend their spare time recruiting and rely heavily on their agent referrals and new agents walking in the door. As a result, their turn over is high,and their agent quality is poor. Most managers fail to do any due diligence on new hires other than a licensed check, to see if they are fit for the company and that they are producers.

Let the Power Is Now Agent Placement Program do the work for you and save you time and money that most brokers have not had the time or money to invest.

The Agent Process

Once the agent has completed the application and submitted all the documentation. The broker will receive an email notification of a pending prospect and the ability to review the application before making contact.

The Broker Process

Once the broker provides all the information for the recruiting website including all the videos. The Power Is Now will complete construction of the website and obtain the brokers approval to start marketing. The work is 100% satisfaction guarantee. The broker pays 100% upfront. We guarantee the completion of the website within 10 business days after we have received all the required documents and finalized and edited videos.

The Broker upfront cost is $695.00 which includes
  •     • Recruiting website with two to three videos (videos at broker cost)
    •     • One page layout in the Power Is Now Magazine
  •     • Monthly email drops to 1 million agents nationwide
  •     • The ability the use the website page on your own Webpage for marketing and recruiting.
  •     • Inclusive of membership to the Buyers & Sellers Club.

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