L.A. Agents Using Influencers To Help Sell A Lifestyle And Apartments

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Due to the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to sell tiny homes, and the luxury market is filled with condos. Unlike the traditional approach of selling a home, new homeowners usually require more effort before they agree to buy a home they can’t see in person. These days, it has become increasingly difficult to move residential units in Los Angeles.

This has made real estate agents to improve their marketing games by utilizing social media. Many prospective buyers are not willing to go check out residential units in person except it somehow gets to them during the pandemic. Many real estate agents recognize this and are taking the homes to people where they spend most of their time.

Instagram creates a vibe that goes beyond photo-shopping furniture into ads posted online. New buyers want to picture a space where they can carry out work as well as have space for their life. This is where influencers come into play; economists have noticed that social media is influencing many people to buy homes. This is because people are influenced by the social influencers that they follow, and once a residential unit is endorsed by such influencer, fans feel more comfortable buying such residential units.

Blackburn has partnered with over three Instagram influencers to help promote residential units, and these influencers share photos of these residential units with their millions of followers who then picked interest in the units. AvalonBay’s marketing department has also partnered with influencers who have hundreds of thousands of followers. These influencers are continually sharing photos of these homes on their pages as well as photos of themselves playing pool in the surrounding or viewing the city from the home’s balcony.

This act is popular in Los Angeles than in other cities because it has a higher quantity of people buying homes for the first time. These first-timers are on the younger side and more tech-savvy than those in other cities who prefer traditional house shopping methods. Los Angeles Housing market is clearly in trouble and is therefore utilizing all necessary mediums to promote sales.

An Instagram post or YouTube channel post allows buyers to fully envision a day in the aspired home. They can picture a life working from home in their living room or simply relaxing in the terrace. Pictures made available allows them to visualize the beauty of a home as they carry out daily activities, unlike dull online ads that present them with sterile spaces.

An ad from an influencer helps real estate agents in Los Angeles sell a lifestyle and helps promote sales of apartments in the city. Millennials have the highest number of home buyers and tend to turn to social media for choices of homes they can buy. Luckily, the pandemic has helped influencers to bond more with millennials, and real estate agents in LA are taking advantage of this strong relationship.

Trust is the most important factor utilized by Los Angeles real estate agents before the pandemic and was pointed out as a determining factor by many home buyers. Therefore, LA agents need to include authenticity in their marketing strategy. The ads need to look authentic and unscripted; a simple picture showing a person living their regular day in the house could lead to a high percentage increase in clicks on the website and visit to the online page.

Hopefully, traditional selling methods will not be replaced by this new marketing strategy. However, this marketing tactic might become more conventional as time goes on. People find it easy to relate with this approach, and it involves thinking beyond the norms and making a home look alive which is what people are looking for.


Real estate agents turn to influencers to help sell a lifestyle — and apartments

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