Let’s Talk About How The Next Four Years Would be for Black Americans

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While we don’t know the events that would happen in the next minute not to talk of the next hour or next day, we are about to look at how life would be for an average Black American in the next four years.

Truth is we can not make conclusions on the events that would follow the new Government’s regime. But we can, instead, always attempt to make near-reliable assumptions based on the campaign promises of the new President-elect and his past actions as Senator and Vice President.

Joe Biden, over time, has shown himself to be a progressive leader, as well as a unifier. His vice-president, on the other hand, Kamala Harris, exudes the same qualities. However, she has been described as too good for leadership by certain people. Her records do speak for itself. As District Attorney in San Francisco, she adopted milder forms of corrections in place of the death penalty.

Also, she started the “Back On Track” program, which rehabilitates first-time offenders before returning them to society. As a Senator, she promoted a bill on general police reform and the banning of chokeholds.

This year has been a long one, especially with the lockdown and the global Pandemic. However, this has given us more time to think about our relationship with people. Earlier this year, the black community reacted to the death of George Floyd by occupying the streets to protest against police brutality and racial profiling. The Black Lives Matter Movement gained massive support, all over the world with hurtful images and stories of victims and torture.

And with the outcome of the election result showing Joe Biden winning the presidential seat over the incumbent President, Donald Trump. There would be changes in the Government’s approach to its citizens and its allies.

If history is to be trusted, the President-elect and his vice appear to be better options than the current occupant of the seat.

Joe Biden in his campaign had emphasized his concerns on racial inequalities and economic inequity. Likewise in his time as Vice-President, serving with Barack Obama, he only meant for the ideas he proposed, to alleviate primary human suffering.

Kamala Harris, on the other hand, is a black woman, as well as an Indian woman. Naturally, she should be more concerned about helping individuals and families of colour, and this she has successfully done throughout her career, as District Attorney and as a Congresswoman.

With the seemingly drop in racial or discriminatory events, mainly due to the sensitization that followed after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and lots more who were unluckily cut down due to the rising racial tensions in the country.

Whilst President-elect Joe Biden has continuously reiterated his disgust for President Trump’s handling of national affairs; he has promised to enact new tax rules that would correct the inequalities being promoted by President Trump’s 2017 taxation bill. However, all of these new regulations might not see the light of the day immediately he takes control.

But, if these promises do come true. The renewed tax policy would have a mostly positive effect on low-income earners, especially black Americans, who would have more wiggle room to handle their financial obligations.

Black Americans now have a representative in the person of Harris. As a black woman herself, she understands the level of prejudice that Black Americans face. Hence, the expectation would be that there would be more bills which seek to protect the minorities in the society, whilst making sure to include the welfare of the majority.

The next four years should see us witness a drop in racial inequality in government organizations. However, this might be due to the perceived sensitivity of the Vice-President.

Together with the gradual drop in racism, we could expect a drop in crime rates in Black American societies, judging by Kamala’s history with reformative options.

Regardless of this, the next four years should be a lot easier for Black Americans as there should be a drop in the racial prejudice against them while they can also expect to have their earning capacity improved.



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