Love Orlando is the Answer
The Hate and Violence is the Cancer
That is Destroying lives and bringing death
Weeping and sorrow is all that is left.
But Love will rise again like the Pheonix from the ashes.

Love we all need it
Peace we all can give it
Tolerance we all can do it.
Support we all can provide it
Kindness we all can live it
Empathy we all can show it.

What happened in Orlando was written
out of a play that only a racist/homophobic could write.
His mind gave birth to it.
He produced it.
He Starred in it.
He Cowardly kill himself in it
And He will go down in history
For the shame of it.

More people will see this play than any play on Broadway and remember it.
Because it is a tragedy and a travesty, and Insanity, on humanity

What happen in Orlando happened because He lived but did not respect life
What happen in Orlando happened because He loved hate and hated love
The Answer in Orlando and the World.

By Eric Lawrence Frazier, Poet