• Record a 20 minute interview about you and the property for-sale over the phone or Skype with the show Host Eric Frazier. You will be able to invite your sellers and other members of your team to join the interview. The recording will professionally edited and include up to 20 pictures of the property which can viewed on the Radio Player and the website.
  • TPIN will post the final interview on all of The TPIN and your social media accounts. These accounts includes Facebook 118k likes, Twitter 18k followers, Pinterest and LinkedIN.
  • TPIN will write a press release about the interview and post it on PR Website (Public Release) used by news agencies.
  • TPIN will create a promotional flyer and send it thousands of real estate’s agents and consumers who are part of the Power Is Now network and blogtalkradio.com/thepowerisnow where we have over 1 million listeners.
  • You will also receive the embed code to place the radio player on your website. Having the radio player on your website will insure that anyone coming to your website will see and hear the interview. You will also have the link to the interview to send to all prospective buyers, fellow real estate agents and of course your clients.
  • Receive two full page ads in The PIN Magazine to promote one listing and your business. You can only promote one listing. So we suggest one page to promote your business and one page to promote the listing. The magazine is distributed online nationwide and is a free e-zine.


Benefit: Your sellers can forward the Radio show and magazine to their friends and family members. Sellers can join you for the radio interview to talk about the property for sale. Your fellow agents can better better support you in sharing the radio interivew and magazine ad about your listing to their prospective buyers.