As we continue into this warm summer, our beloved country is in a full blown crisis that has been developing for some time. We are all traumatized by the recent shootings and murders of unarmed black men by the police, the racist and incendiary commentary coming from the extremist on all sides, the killing of policemen as revenge for the deaths of these black men by an assassin, and the heated discussions that have raged these past few weeks on social media and around the world. We are also all frightened about what is next and the fear has no colorlines. Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity you are and should be afraid of the path that we are on. What is next? Race riots in the streets? The rise of extremist fringe group who have been marginalized are now seizing the opportunity to leverage these tragic events to propel their agenda of racism, hatred, violence and separation. We are all afraid of what is going happen next. None of us know what will happen, but we all know that the next event will be an escalation of what has already occurred.

Questions of right and wrong or who is to blame are surging throughout the media. Since when do we blame a movement for violence? We all know that there has never been a movement of any type, black or white, male or female, in the US or abroad, that did not have members of their cause that were prepared to act with violence and to die for their cause. These individuals act alone and do not represent that leaders of the movement or the movement itself for that matter. These men and women are also not endorsed or sanctioned by the movement or it’s leaders. They are lone assassins who have an agenda and a mission that is their own. They move and act without the knowledge of the movement or its leaders. But, we cannot deny that their actions are in support of the movement regardless their poor judgment or misguided attempt to support the movement. In spite of the violence and death black lives still do matter, but not for the purpose of disregarding or devaluing Blue lives, or White lives, Latio lives, Asian Lives, Muslim lives or any life for that matter. Black lives matter is a statement and a mantra of the families and children whose loved ones have been killed while unarmed by the police. The goal of the movement is to bring to the attention of the world the systematic murder of unarmed black men by police officers. That is it. All lives matter, and right now we need to focus on equality for all.

Let us not forget the real issue in spite of the retaliation that has taken place and the lives that have been lost. Black men are being shot and killed while unarmed by the police. This must stop. Police officers are now being killed in revenge. Even though there are a proportion of police officers that are abusing their power, there are responsible police officers working to retain our safety while other officers threaten it. This must stop and cannot continue. But will it? Does anyone know? The men and women who have lost their lives to the police are casualties of far too many unfit, untrained, undisciplined and unsupervised police officers who have dishonored themselves and the men and women who wear the uniformed by their actions. Thousands of men and women in uniform who have not been caught up in circumstances like this in their entire career. Hundreds of unarmed black men are being shot down in the street by the police just this year alone. The issue is clear, simple, verified by video, witnessed by thousands, and nothing is being done to stop the killing. It has to stop.

The Civil Rights Movement really took off after the death of Martin Luther King Jr., and it has played an important role in moving America forward in race relations and equal opportunity. But the police, who are rarely, if ever, held accountable for murder have set us back. The police have become, the judge, the jury and the executioner on the street. What can we do about this? Will legislation stop it? The problems of hate and intolerance will never go away through legislation. Legislation is necessary to ensure that those who break the law are held accountable but do we need more legislation to hold the perpetrators accountable? No. What we need are men and women in blue to move from behind the shield and to expose the men and women who are unfit to wear the uniform and are perpetrating violence and murder on black men and citizens that they are suppose to serve.

We will see real change when police officers who are witnesses of the evils in police work start to expose the perpetrators. Real change must come from within. We can march, write speeches and even boycott but until the head of snake is cut off, the body of the snake will still live and keep regenerating. The Chief of Police is accountable for the actions of its officers. The field leaders are accountable. The sergeants and lieutenants are all accountable. Until they identify the problem men and women on the force and get rid of these bad cops the violence and “accidental deaths” will continue. The deaths that are occurring on such a frequent basis is not the result of a police training issue. The incidents where unarmed black men are killed are the result of psychological problems and character defects that affects a very small percentage of men and women in the police force. It is happening to them for a reason.

These are people who lack restraint and common sense. Who are unable and ill equipped to make quick decisions that do not include shooting their gun. These are police officers who do not call for backup. They have a superman or cowboy attitude or a superiority complex and believe they can handle any situation. We need to weed these people out of the police force. There are thousands of officers in uniform that have never pulled a gun on a civilian. There are even more that have never discharged their gun or killed someone. These wild, untrained, unskilled, and unfit cops dishonor the profession and the Chief of Police and their leadership team are not doing enough to identify these people and get them out. Until that happens, we can expect business as usual with the police across the country.

We are due for change. As the heat rises during one of the hottest summers on record, I urge America to look toward solutions, not scapegoats. Blame cannot bring peace and harmony, but accountability and justice can. The police who have the power of life and death in their hand, because they can carry a gun and have the authority to kill, are responsible to manage that power so that we do not live in fear of the police but respect the police. There should be a difference between fear and respect. Right now the police are feared like gangs are feared, because they are out of control and unafraid of doing whatever they want to do because they are rarely held accountable. This must stop. Let’s pray for our leaders in law enforcement that they will do the right thing.

Presidential campaigns continue, urging citizens to choose the candidate that will destroy the country the least. We are in trouble. I know that my opinion has been cemented after thinking about the tragic events of late. How would each candidate deal with the recent tragedy and the turmoil it has caused? Both campaigns are falling short by the weak rhetoric and patronizing statements about race, gun violence and the police to please both sides of the issue. Even the President is dialing back his comments as to not offend the police or black america. It is during times like this that I dislike politicians the most. I will not tell you how to exercise your right to vote, but I do ask that you thoroughly think through your options in light of recent events and consider a write in.

In this issue of The OC Realtist Magazine, we look back to the Orlando shooting and the horrible tragedy that it was. Let us pray for the victims and the families and pay attention to legislation in Congress. While the LGBT community gained the right to marry in the Supreme Court ruling, we must ensure that discriminatory legislation becomes taboo for all groups.

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Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA