Our valued Orange County Realtist readers,

Welcome to our mid-year and second issue of The Orange County Realtist Magazine. Our deepest gratitude to all of you for supporting us and entrusting us with your loyalty.

Mother Nature has made her presence felt throughout the world and it is at this point I would like to express our Governor’s sentiment in conserving our water resources. Let us wisely use it, our state needs it. We have hotter and warmer months ahead of us. To stay abreast with the latest news on the water situation here in California, please visit https://ca.gov/drought/.

Our June/July issue of the Orange County Realtist highlights the local government seats of Michael Giancola and Rusty Bailey. We also showcase the real estate expertise of Mickelin Burnes-Browne in our OC Realtist Spotlight. This issue also presents a look at how real estate could be a part of the solution to California’s water shortage problem.

Please remember to register for the NAREB conference August 17 to 20, 2015. It is the 68th convention of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers and it will be held in Huston, Texas at the Omni Hotel. NAREB was founded in Tampa Florida in 1947. Their mission is “Democracy in Housing”. The Orange County Chapter of NAREB was founded in August 2010 by Eric Frazier, our President and CEO. For more information about the conference and to register go to www.ocrealtist.org or www.nareb.com.

It is an honor to provide you with trending news in and around Orange County, while keeping you in touch with articles highlighting the rest of the country. As we move forward from natural disasters and violent acts against humanity, let us pause for a moment and think about the beauty that is still abundant in our world.

As our publication continues to grow, we would like to encourage you to send your comments, suggestions and constructive feedback to be a better ally in the real estate industry. Our economy is gearing for another change – interest rates posed to rise in September and elections around the corner.

I hope we continue to support each other’s endeavors for success and progress.


Eric Lawrence Frazier M.B.A