Dear Readers,

I want to thank you for returning and reading our third issue of 2016! The year has been flashing before my eyes and we are already almost halfway done with 2016, can you believe it? We have had a lot of exciting things that happened in April, such as Earth Day’s 46th birthday. 46 years of people coming together to help make a difference for our home. In this Month’s issue, we go into the beautiful history and accomplishments us humans, have made in the past 46 years, I believe you all really enjoy reading it. Knowledge is the key when solving problems. We can all make a difference if we just read up on the things we do not understand and spread the word to others who may not understand the importance of Earth Day.

On the other side of reality, the presidential race still continues on, Trump is continuing to steal the hearts of many Americans. Why? Because he is a celebrity, very rich and successful in business and has all the great stuff that young people see on MTV. He is the real deal with all of his flaws and he knows how to control the media. He is also running at the time when American’s want something different other than what they have voted for in the past; career politicians who have never owned a business, met a payroll or grew a company to a multibillion dollar status employing thousands of employees. A President like that actually has skin in the game. I am not endorsing Trump but simply explaining why he has gotten this far. I understand Trump in spite of his racist rhetoric and high school level speeches; which by the way I do understand what he is saying which is more than I can say about other more eloquent messaging coming from the other campaigns. Here is my prediction. If Trump becomes the Republican nominee for President, he is going the win the White House. At this point none of our choices are great and I do not like Hillary for many reason but I may vote for her anyway. I am not sure what I am going to do. None of them get me excited but all of them have me very concerned. All I can hope for is that whoever becomes president does his or her best to truly make America the best it can be.

In this month’s issue we will be covering several topics such as the upcoming rise in California’s rent, homeowner’s insurance and how to build credit. Building good credit is incredibly important when it comes to homeowners, it is something that many Americans struggle with. Our sponsor, Wells Fargo, can make it easy for you. Feel free to visit their website to learn more about building credit and how you can get started. Best to start as young as possible so when you are ready to buy a house, car, or whatever other expense, you will have no bumps in the road. We really hope you enjoy May’s issue and I would like to thank you again for coming back to OCRealist as your real estate source.

Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA