• If you are considering some changes in your life, career or business, working with a Power Coach can make a huge difference.
  • At the beginning of Coaching, we will always focus on what’s most important to you, and find the most natural and effortless way to make the breakthroughs you want. We will quickly help you get clear on the best outcome for you, create a plan, develop priorities, and then begin to close the gap. By the middle of coaching, we will help you discover your unique gifts and talents; what you’re most passionate about, what strengths contribute most to your success and what holds you back the most. At the end of coaching, our mutual experience through coaching will answer many questions so that we can better align your strengths and passions to your career, vocation or business model – and help you get much better and more meaningful results.
  • Personal coaching is all about leadership, management, goal setting & accountability and personal development. Group coaching available.



For 1.25 hours a week