VIP Agent Qualifications

The Power Is Now Media is seeking mutually beneficial relationships with established real estate professionals in our membership program to provide real estate market intelligence in their market area for our various online media platforms and to serve our network of clients, readers, and listeners with real estate services.


What is a VIP Agent?

  • VIP Agents are trusted real estate professionals who are vetted, endorsed and promoted on the Power Is Now Media platforms that include Online Radio, Online TV, and Online Magazines and social media.   The program is an exclusive and unique marketing strategy for busy Real Estate professionals who understand the importance of online marketing and its ability to build their brand as a market leader and expert and bring more exposure to their real estate listings and buyer services.  The program is managed by The Power Is Now Media team.
  • Admission into the VIP agent program is primarily by invitation  but is available to everyone and is a formal recognition of the Agent’s great reputation and services they provide to their clients. VIP Agents must qualify and have real estate experience, education, credentials and certifications that have been vetted by the Power Is Now Media. The Power Is Now Media desires to bring the very best agents in  marketplace to our platform to support our followers with real estate information and services.

Qualifications and Certification:  

VIP Agents must have experience in selling real estate and offering other real estate related services.   They must have a clean record with the department of real estate and/or other regulatory agencies in their state and a track record of successfully closed transactions that have been verified. VIP agents must also have certifications and designations in most aspects of selling real estate and representing buyers. Most importantly VIP Agents have received The Power Is Now Agent certification as a result of our investigation and are known and personally endorsed by Eric Lawrence Frazier, President and CEO.

The VIP Agent Program Objective

The Program Objective is to work with real estate agents and brokers to bring market information and business opportunities to  the Power Is Now Media audience of consumers and to help them achieve their real estate and financial goals. The benefit to the agent is that our platform adds value to the Real Estate Agent’s brand and to help them build their business, authority as an expert and credibility.  Our team of writers and editors help VIP Agent to create 100% original and authenticate content and promote and distribute it through the Power Is Now Multimedia platform.

VIP Listing Agent Benefits

As a Listing agent you are constantly seeking out opportunities to differentiate yourself from your competition in order to compete.  Every Listing agent needs a unique value proposition in the marketplace when it comes to marketing, advertising and selling real estate. Declaring that you are number one in all your marketing materials only goes so far. So, what exactly makes you different than the rest of the number one agent? That answer is you.
You make the difference as a real estate professional in every aspect of marketing and selling real estate and The Power Is Now VIP Agent program can help you demonstrate how different you are on our platform.  The VIP Agent program will help you get more listings and more attention to yourself and support your marketing efforts to become a resource and market leader and influencer.  This can only happen by a consistent presence online  through writing in magazines and articles, speaking on radio and presenting on video/tv with relevant and substantive content that consumers can only get from you.

This advertising program is for Real Estate Professionals only.

  • Member Benefits:  The VIP program enables The Power Is Now to become your marketing department and handle everything you need to promote your listings and to help you stand out as a real estate professional online. Here are the benefits and deliverables of the program:
  • Selling your Listing online: Your seller’s rarely see and hear you sell their property.  Now they can.  We will record a professional Radio show and Video of you talking about your listing in substantive way using your voice, intellect and pictures and videos of the house instead of just a video of the house and a brief introduction about the property which is what most agents do.  The interview is 10 to 15-minutes and is on each of your current listings.  There is no limit to the number of listing interviews you can do.  The interviews will be on The Power Is Now Radio website and all our social media and podcasts platforms with show Host Eric Frazier. The recording will professionally be edited and include pictures of the property, and video which can be viewed through the Blogtalkradio Radio Player and The Power Is Now Radio website.  There is no limit on the number of listing interviews you can record. Your seller will be able to view the interviews and send them to their friends and neighbors who may become your next listing because of the uniqueness of the marketing and your seller’s recommendation.  In addition, our social media department will help you promote all the shows we produce for you on all of your social media accounts and send them out to your database by email. Your current clients and prospective clients will now know who you are.  They will see and hear your voice in a very professional and unique way demonstrating your knowledge and skills.  This product alone separates you from your competition.
  • Listings appointments: On your listing appointments you do not have much time to talk about how great you are and most sellers want you to get right to it and not waste their time.  So why not send them a  radio interview they can listen to from The Power Is Now Radio about you.   This recorded introduction is biographical and historical.  We will interview you about your success in the business, your knowledge of the market, your success stories with past clients and why you make a great representative for anyone buying or selling real estate.  This interview is a  third-party endorsement and will tell the seller everything they need to know about you and what makes you different  from other agents.  The interview should be sent in advance of your appointment so that when you meet with the client you will asked them if they listened to the interview and  have questions.  If they do not, you will now have more time and feel empowered to focus on building rapport, learning more about the client’s needs so that you can propose solutions to pricing and marketing their property and become their agent.  The link of the interview will be embedded in our Radio Guide Magazine which is what your client will receive making for a very professional presentation.
  • Market Update Interview: Record a monthly 15-minute market update interview about your market area and share all the available statistics on sales and inventory, real estate projects, new developments and the local economy.    The purpose of this interview is to introduce yourself to prospective clients as the local market expert and to build your online brand and a leader and influencer.   We will also write a press release about the interview and send it out to other online media  platforms and consumer and business organizations in your community and nationally.
  • Co-Host a Bi-monthly First Time Homebuyer Online Seminars:  Leverage our First Time Home Buyer Online Seminars as a co-host and promote it online to thousands of consumers who are looking to buy or sell real estate in your community.  You will receive a flyer as the Co-Host of the seminar with Eric Frazier as the speaker.  Email the flyer to your clients and prospects and post the flyer on your social media network. Use the Power Is Now network and social media presence to build your brand as a resource for real estate information.  As a VIP agent you will have a special registration link for all attendees so that you can build your pool of buyers with every show. Your attendance is not required but is recommended as it is a live online presentation.
  • Marketing Session Show:  Leverage our Bimonthly online Marketing Session as a participant and promote your listings online to thousands of consumers who are looking to buy or sell real estate.  Invite your sellers to watch you live or after the event is over sell their property on the World Wide Web and see how hard you are working for them.   Use the Power Is Now network and social media presence to build your brand as a resource for real estate for sale in your market area.  The market session will be on both the Power Is Now TV and Radio. The marketing session is another value add to your sellers. They will be impressed to see and hear this innovative way you are marketing your listings worldwide. The shows are prerecorded and are for VIP agents only.
  • The Power Is Now Radio eMagazine:  Your Online Radio Interviews will be published in our Radio Guide which is distributed by email and is free to download from our website.  The interview link will be embedded on the Power Is Now Radio Magazine and you will be featured on the cover.  The Radio Guide is a professional way to distribute your interview than just sending a link.  You will be able to send the Radio eMagazine to your prospective buyers, fellow real estate agents, past clients and post on all of your social media platforms.
  • The Power Is Now National eMagazine:  The Power Is Now eMagazine has been publishing monthly since September of 2013 and is distributed by email and downloadable for free on our website.  You will receive four full page ads in The Power Is Now Magazine to promote three listing and your business. You can only promote three listing at a time for free.  We suggest one page to promote your business and three pages to promote your listing. There is an additional cost of $250 per page after three listing pages. Maximum of 4 pages total per issue. You can also have a two-page spread on one listing.  The magazine is distributed to hundreds of thousands of agents nationwide and even more consumers nationwide as a free e-magazine download. Set yourself apart by having an advertisement in a professional magazine that is written for consumer and real estate professionals.
  • Article Writing and Blogging:  You will also receive a page every month to write an article about your market area in The Power Is Now Magazine, other publications and for your website blog.  We will also edit what you write for The Power is Now Magazine for free or write the article, maximum 500, words per article for $49.00.   If you provide the article there is no charge to edit it for publication.  Our team can write a 500-word article for you in each magazine issue about your market area, and the local stats, economics, new real estate developments and any other noteworthy news there may be about real estate in your market area. All you need to do is send us a short outline or commentary about it and we will take care of the rest. This article will not only be in our magazine but also your blog for your website.
  • Social Media Customization & Management: Our team will customize your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media pages up to three accounts every month to show that you are current with the times with different social themes throughout the year. We will also take over posting relevant information on your social media pages once a week. In addition, we will post your radio interviews about your listing(s), articles and blogs we write for you and magazine ads of the listing(s) you have for sale. Your social media will be active and relevant all the time.
  • Press Releases:  We will write a press release about each interview you do for Radio or TV and for any open Houses you are conducting.  We post it on PR Websites (Public Release) used by news agencies and send it to you in any format to post on social media.
  • Graphic Design services:  We will create listing flyers for all HUD Homes for sales in your market area (limited to 3 properties) and design special covers for your Facebook and Twitter account to promote your brand as a VIP Agent for free.   Our graphic design department can also create and customize special marketing collateral for special events and holidays for your past and future clients. The cost for these services is discounted and are determine at the time of the order.
  • Business Coaching and Technology Support:  We willprovide business coaching in person and by video to help you utilized all the latest technology tools and strategies to build your business online and to be more efficient with your time and resources.  We will also keep you aware of mortgage products and services to help you close more deals.  If you need a website, virtual sales assistant, affordable CRMs or lead generation platforms we will assist you obtaining everything you need. You will receive business coaching, from Eric Frazier and other experts though VIP Agent special conference calls and webinars that are recorded so you never miss one. Business coaching includes business planning, S.W.O.T. analysis, Recruiting, Marketing Strategies, Forecasting and Social media and raising capital. Whatever your goals and objectives are will become ours and we will help you achieve them.
  • Performance Coaching:  We will provide performance coaching from a professional real estate coach with years of experience in real estate.  The introductory session is free.  The additional sessions are paid by a percentage of your commissions and are limited to a few closed transactions.  When you get paid, we get paid.  This is real performance-based coaching.  Your success is our success.
  • Networking with Industry Leaders and Top Agents:
    • Invitation to private teleconferences with Industry leaders and rain makers.
    • Special discounts to real estate conferences and events.
    • Invitation to special mixers and dinners at real estate conferences and much more.
    • Invitation to be a co-host with me on specials radio shows with industry leaders and rain makers.
    • Personal one on one introduction to decision makers in banking, default services, and asset management.
  • Inclusion in The Power Is Now VIP Agent Mastermind group
  • The Power Is Now Accountability Facebook Group:  You will be invited to join our Facebook for VIP agents only to share ideas and to receive information about marketing strategies, business opportunities and lead generation.
  • The Power Is Now Referrals:  You will receive referrals for listing and buyers from The Power Is Now Network and our marketing leads from our various online shows.    The Power Is Now Network of agents is national and international and we will connect you with our network for business opportunities.  We will also invest with you to generate leads for buyer and sellers with Facebook ads and direct mail marketing and other lead generation programs.
  • Lead generation opportunities and management support:  Receive discounted lead generation services from national lead generation companies.  Receive virtual assistant management and support of your leads for additional fee.

The VIP Agent Membership Fee

There is a one time setup fee and an annual membership fee paid in advance annually.  The program start date for all agents is on the 15th or the 1st of each month because we need at least two weeks to approve or deny your application and to set up your account if you are approved.  You will be invoiced for the payment once you have decided to apply.   Payment is due upon receipt and is not refundable after your account is set up.  You can cancel at any time with a 30 notice and can keep everything that has created for you with all the rights and privileges of ownership.  We will stop all advertising but there will be no proration of your membership fee.  The membership fee is considered earned and not refundable after your account is set up and ready for promotion on all our platforms.   The membership fee for the VIP agent program is subject to change at any time. The VIP agent program is an annual agreement. You are not under any contractual obligation and can cancel any time.

If you have any questions about advertising, please call Christina Kimble Vice President and Sr. Relationship Manager directly at (800)401-8994 Ext. 705 or one of our relationship managers at