Riverside and I have a long, amazing history together. I have lived here for more than fifteen years with my lovely wife, Ruby. Two of my four daughters graduated from Riverside City College and UC Riverside and they love the college town atmosphere near both campuses. Although my fifteen years is only a drop in the bucket to some, I know that when it comes to quality of life, cost of living and home price affordability, Riverside, California cannot be beat.

I live and work from home in Riverside primarily, but occasionally I have to take the 91 Freeway into Orange County.  Thank God for the toll road the 91 freeway can be challenging.   When I am tired of working from home I head to various buildings around the stunning city. The city is full of magnificent buildings, coupled with mature landscapes and mountains and lakes that make it attractive for anyone to live.  With the remodeling of the Fox Theater last year, the renovation of state of the Art Convention center, and innovative restaurants downtown,  Riverside has become the hot spot for amazing spas, museums, and parks in the area.  

Riverside is the 59th largest city in the United States.   This is a city that is surrounded by gorgeous mountains, and hills that softens the big city feel you get downtown. You feel nestled in the town by the mountains. What is so amazing about Riverside is that it is in such close proximity to everything  you may need or want.  No city can provide everything you want, but Riverside comes closer than any area that I have ever been to.  You are less than an hour drive south to the Pacific Ocean and wonderful beach communities to enjoy.  Head one hour West to Los Angeles and you have the pageantry of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, The LA Fashion District, World famous Museums, and the USC vs. UCLA rivalry games.   Head east to Palm Desert and Palm Springs and enjoy some the most incredible spas, restaurants, golf courses and awesome weather if you like the heat. Visitors have so much to see and enjoy while in this beautiful city; it is no wonder that many never leave. You have everything you need in Riverside and what you cannot find is less than one hour away.  

Riverside has something for everyone when it comes to real estate.

It is simply amazing the array of homes in Riverside. From the cramped cottage to the spacious multi-million dollar estate, Riverside has your price point covered. By having these diverse price ranges, Riverside becomes available to everyone.

Everyone can take advantage of the stunning views. There are hilltop homes overlooking the city with incredible views of the city.  There are Lake front properties and downtown city living right where all the action is. There are small houses perfect for first time buyers or investors looking for a positive cash flow.  

If you are college bound, there is affordable housing and student housing for Riverside City College, UC Riverside, Cal Baptist, and La Sierra University.  If a home is not a possibility, then there are homeless shelters for women and children and special homes for boys and girls. There are even senior homes that are beautifully built and maintained. Seriously folks, this city has everything that you can image. Riverside is suburbia extraordinaire for affordability and quality living.   

But when will it all end and the incredible affordability go out the window?  Since the 2008 financial crisis, real estate property values have been increasing drastically across the globe; Riverside is no exception. According to a statement released by the Riverside County Assessor’s Office, the latest numbers indicate that property value in Riverside will increase by 7.74% last year and continues to rise. It is said that the driving factor behind this upward trend in Riverside County is the growth in the average sales price of single family units.

Besides the growth in the sales price of single family units another factor that has affected the real estate market in Riverside is the substantial decline in foreclosure-related activities. There have been fewer foreclosures which have reduced the number of homes available for sale. This in turn has increased competition for homes that are available pushing prices higher. The story of Riverside is still being written, and I am excited to follow it in my real estate ventures.

As a real estate broker based in Riverside, I know this city better than most. If you are looking to buy or sell in Riverside, then I am your agent! Email me at eric.frazier@thepowerisnow.com to get started now, because The Power Is Now! Let’s start building your wealth through real estate.

Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA

President and CEO