Sponsor any live or pre-recorded show by co-hosting and pre-recording a 60 second commerical about your company and/or service. Co-hosting consistent of welcoming the audience in the beginning of the show and introducing yourself as a sponsor and then starting off the Q&A session for the guest speaker(s). The pre-recorded interview/commercial for Blogtalkradio is played during the 1st commercial break before the interview. We can also conduct a live commercial during the break if preferred. Once the show is completed it will also be placed in the show archives with all of the past Power Is Now shows as podcast. Your contact information, picture, logo and any PowerPoint presentation(s) will also stay on the show page of the website.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Targeted viewership/listenership – real estate agents nationwide
  • Pre-roll audio spots placed before shows – self produced or PIN produced
  • Audio ads surrounding content – can be self produced or PIN produced
  • Live reads and enhanced host endorsements during live shows
  • Opportunities to solicit and obtain listener feedback and testimonials
  • Customized branding on network site – you provide jpeg 300×250 ad
  • Ability to feature promotional offers and contests
  • Robust set of metrics regarding sponsorship performance
  • Once the show is recorded it will be podcast on the Radio and Power Is Now TV
  • Your picture, and contact information will be placed in The Power Is Now Magazine for the one issue
  • Your picture, contact information will be listed on the live show page next to the speak and sponsor of the show Permanently.
  • Lead off the Q&A with two questions and possibly more depending on time.
  • Your name and contact information listed in the written transcripts available for the show.
  • Your name and contact information listed in the Press release sent out to the media.
  • The show and your information will be permanently in the show archives and will be promoted along with our other shows by our media division