Fraud Conspiracy Guilty Verdit

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In a case of fraud against the US government, two men in eastern Pennsylvania were found guilty. The allegations were for fraudulent attempts to entice investors to put money into the parent company which they received from the bank, which would be classified as a circular lending scheme. Background for the Case The two men […]

Is Race a Factor in Credit? Part I

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Depending on who you ask, your economic mobility can depend on either your income or on your credit score. This simply means that people who appear to be spending money may either actually have money to spend or may be using credit to make purchases. Either way, maintaining a good credit score is crucial to […]

Minorities’ Lagging Home Value Rebounds Tied to Subprime Lending


For many people owning a home is a major part of the “American Dream,” – a rite of passage for hardworking citizens. For most men and especially fathers, owning a home is the Holy Grail of manhood and of being a provider.   For women and especially mothers, it is the epitome of stability and security […]