Renting vs. Owning – Is It a Choice?

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I speak to many people every day who say that they are not ready to buy a home and choose to rent instead. What is sadly ironic about their choice to rent (and it is a choice) is that renters do not realize that they are paying the property owner’s mortgage, and that there is […]

The New Black Migration: Part I


Demographics are rapidly changing in the United States. However, a shift in population is becoming even more prevalent and apparent in inner cities. Suburban sprawl had numerous effects on changing the look of major urban centers around the nation, with one of these effects being a change in the urban demographics. When it came to […]

Single Family Home vs. Multiple Unit Properties

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Deciding whether to buy a single family home or a multiple unit property is a easy decision for me, because I am fifty-three years old, and I can remember buying my first home. It was not a multiple unit property, but I wish it was.  I made the mistake that many other first time homebuyers […]

The Financial Reality of Homeownership

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More so than ever before, buyers are finding themselves up against an array of obstacles that must be overcome prior to obtaining the keys to their new home; the first of which is saving for that down payment. Outstanding debt, checkered employment histories, and a lack of documentation are other substantial obstacles that will hinder […]

Homeownership: The Key to Wealth


Two themes have dominated the headlines in recent years. The first is the linger effects of the Great Recession, an economic downturn that has largely been attributed to the housing market’s burst. Lax lending and overbuilding resulted in many buying homes who would not have otherwise qualified in decades past. The second storyline is the […]

Millennials Enter Housing Market

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Generally seen as renters, millennials are now making their way to real estate. Call them millennials or the ‘forgiven children’, statistics and reports are suggesting that this generation has finally started making its entry into the housing market. Now in their late 20s and early 30s, singles and young couples are focusing on buying real […]

Riverside – The Past, Present & Future for Buyers and Sellers

From 2008 to 2013 the residents of every city in Riverside County witnessed a “Foreclosure Armageddon.” Riverside was being dubbed the foreclosure capital of the world with San Bernardino right behind. There was a feeding frenzy of real estate gurus, house flippers, and reality TV shows showing people how to buy foreclosures and “flip that […]