The VA Home Loan

The VA Home Loan

Owning a home is an indelible part of the American Dream—a long-term goal attained through hard work and tenacity. Unfortunately, the steps to owning a home whether it is a condo in the city or a ranch style home in the suburbs can make it difficult for prospective homeowners to achieve this goal.  For some […]

Taking the Leap From Renting to Paying a Mortgage

Taking the Leap from Renting to Paying a Mortgage

Now is the best time to become a homeowner with the buyer’s market being strong, low property prices, and reduced interest rates. If you have been sitting on the fence for leaping from renting to becoming a homeowner, this is the best time to do so. Before you decide to make the jump, here are […]

Home Inspections: Are They Necessary?

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Home inspections play a very important role when you are considering to buy or to sell a residential property.  Though these inspections are not mandatory in United States, they are important as they can provide a important information to the buyer, thus helping to make an appropriate decision with regards to buying or rejecting a […]

High Possibility of Stock Market Crash 2016

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Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul is cautioning that a stock market crash may be advancing on the grounds that the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates from fluctuating, “Individuals say, ‘Gracious, we can simply do that eternity,’” the Kentucky representative said, “I don’t think so. I think there’ll be a moment of retribution.” Paul’s family […]