Why A Mortgage Is Worth The Hassle

Why a Mortgage Is Worth the Hassle

Getting a mortgage is not an easy process. It is often a challenge to maintain the mortgage until your home is paid off. However, the fact remains that buying a home is still the American Dream, and for good reason. Carrying a mortgage is well worth the hassle that comes with it. The Frustrations of […]

Dividing American Wealth

Dividing American Wealth

Financial inequality is only growing in the United States. White Americans averaged a total of $134,200 in wealth for 2013 while African American families had only $11,000, with Hispanic American families showing $13,700 in wealth (CNN, 2016). This discrepancy is only growing. In 1995, white families had six times as much wealth as Hispanics, but […]

Avoiding Credit Card Debt

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Credit cards have many advantages. They help establish credit so buying a car or home can be possible, they are useful in the case of an emergency, and they often have perks such as cash back or travel rewards. However, staying out of credit card debt can be tricky. It can be easy to lose […]

Choosing A Bank

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Thanks to the Internet and new technology, you are no longer limited to banking within your own city or state. You can have a bank account from anywhere in the US or even an online-only bank. With so many choices available, how do you choose? More importantly, how do you switch banks if your current […]