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Homeownership brings stability to individuals and families who have never had anything that they could really call their own. There is something special about real estate that is unlike anything else on earth you can possess. Real Estate is not a like a car that will decay over time and you have to replace it. […]

Home Inspections: Are They Necessary?

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Home inspections play a very important role when you are considering to buy or to sell a residential property.  Though these inspections are not mandatory in United States, they are important as they can provide a important information to the buyer, thus helping to make an appropriate decision with regards to buying or rejecting a […]

Why Buy Now?

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You do not like where you are now, whether that be in your parent’s basement or a cramped single family home. What do you do? Buy now. You need to buy now, because it is definitely not the right time to rent. Renters throughout the nation are suffering under increasing rents even though the average […]

Renting vs. Owning – Is It a Choice?

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I speak to many people every day who say that they are not ready to buy a home and choose to rent instead. What is sadly ironic about their choice to rent (and it is a choice) is that renters do not realize that they are paying the property owner’s mortgage, and that there is […]

Best Places to Rent in Orange County

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Orange County, California is one of the most appealing places to live in the U.S. The excitement, diversity, vast cultural facilities, non-congested cities, reduced crime rates and of course the beautiful beaches make Orange County an ideal place for people of all walks of life. Perhaps you are already asking yourself: how expensive it is […]