Wells Fargo’s $60 Billion Homeownership Program for Minorities

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Wells Fargo’s $60 Billion Homeownership Program for Minorities Wells Fargo, the world’s second-largest bank by market capitalization, recently released a press statement detailing its $60 billion plan to expand home ownership among African Americans. The initiative comes at a time when state agencies have been raising concerns over low homeownership among African Americans and Hispanics. […]

The Financial Crisis: Lasting Effects


Ten years after the Great Recession the consequences continue for a significant portion of the American people. Unfortunately, an overwhelming percentage of those still negatively affected by the Financial Crisis are African Americans. When the Great Recession hit a disproportionate amount of black Americans were foreclosed on by banks, ripping future wealth from us quickly […]

Why Buy In Southern California?


Southern California is expensive and they encounter droughts every summer, so why would anyone want to live there? Why are people flocking to Southern California with their wallets and bank accounts outstretched, ready for a cumbersome mortgage? There is a reason for the price tag. Southern California is the gem of the nation, providing shelter […]

The Perks Of Investing in Multiple Unit Properties

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Deciding whether to buy a single family home or a multiple unit property is a easy decision for me, because I am in my fifties, and I can remember buying my first home. It was not a multiple unit property, but I wish it was.  I made the mistake that many other first time home […]

Home Insurance: You Need It

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Many people make investments in order for them to save for the future. The most basic and most fundamental point behind any insurance contract is to cover one in an event of loss and make him/her financially stable again. For first time home buyers, this looks great and awesome, but what they really do not […]


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Homeownership brings stability to individuals and families who have never had anything that they could really call their own. There is something special about real estate that is unlike anything else on earth you can possess. Real Estate is not a like a car that will decay over time and you have to replace it. […]

How Technology Makes Moving Easier

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Moving to a new home is rarely easy. Packing and unpacking are only part of the hard work. The nitty-gritty details also involve looking for a new house or apartment, finding out about cost of living, jobs, schools, and services in a new locale, and getting rid of household possessions not making the move. Then, […]

The Guide to Building Credit

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Everyone starts out in the same place when it comes to credit. Until someone opens his/her first account, he/she has no credit history. Unfortunately, no one seems to want to be the business that offers the first credit account, so it is often difficult for people to gain access to the benefits of having a […]

Property Boundaries 101

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Dealing with neighbors can be a big headache when you do not know where your property boundaries are. In old and new neighborhoods, homeowners need to know where the boundaries to their properties are especially when it comes to building fences, building additions, and buying and selling a home. Significant disputes have caused problems between […]

The National Black Public Consortium

The National Black Public Consortium

I am always researching organizations and programs that cultivate the rich culture of our black community.  Recently, I stumbled across an organization called the National Black Programming Consortium. The National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC), founded in 1979, develops, produces and funds media content about the black experience for public media outlets, including television, digital radio, […]