Architectural Styles Driving Value

Architectural Styles Driving Value

Some homes make a bigger first impression than others. While curb appeal and other features have a lot to do with drawing a potential buyer in, the overall design of the house is a major factor as to whether a buyer will call for a tour of the property. While numerous architectural styles exist, some […]

No More Excuses: Buy Now

No More Excuses Buy Now

The following are thirty excuses that people make for not wanting to buy a home today. These excuses are not real. They are smoke screens to cover up a ​more serious psychological or emotional issue that is a result of past financial failures or ​financial trauma. It could be due to being a participant or […]

Renting vs. Owning – Is It a Choice?

renting vs owning 1100×300

I speak to many people every day who say that they are not ready to buy a home and choose to rent instead. What is sadly ironic about their choice to rent (and it is a choice) is that renters do not realize that they are paying the property owner’s mortgage, and that there is […]