Is High Speed Internet Driving Home Value?

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University of Colorado and Carnegie Mellon University claim that high speed fiber broadband may add up to $5,437 in home value. A high speed fiber broadband service may easily add up to $5,437 on a $175,000 home, as studies by researchers at University of Colorado and Carnegie Mellon University claim. Commissioned by the Fiber to […]

Did You Miss These Mortgage Rate Stories?

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Mortgage rates recently caught a beautiful break. Although they were lowered down, they still, however, remained close to the highest rates of 2015. This is mainly because lenders are careful when revising their rating sheets. Mortgage rates lost some ground in the past weeks. However, in the past couple of days, mortgage rates gained this […]

Real Estate Market Focus: Chicago


The Power Is Now Research Team The housing market in Chicago mostly aligns with the overall U.S. housing trends, but it’s still lagging behind the rest of the country’s post-recession recovery. In the widespread Chicago metro, inventory is high, creating a buyer’s market where sellers are not earning ideal returns on their properties. Conversely, in […]

Real Estate Market Focus: Dallas


The Power Is Now Research Team Figure 1: Median Home Sale Prices of February 2015 The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is a hot sellers’ market with low inventory and rapidly rising home values. According to Zillow, the median sale price of homes in the metro area is $190,789 while homes in the city of Dallas […]

Real Estate Market Focus: Orange County

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Orange County Realtist Research Team The cost of homes in Orange County far exceeds the median cost of homes within the country. U.S. homes are currently $178,700 while Orange County home values sit at a stunning $616,400. Much of the region boasts waterfront properties or views. Although homes in Orange County are typically listed for […]