Wells Fargo’s $60 Billion Homeownership Program for Minorities

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Wells Fargo’s $60 Billion Homeownership Program for Minorities Wells Fargo, the world’s second-largest bank by market capitalization, recently released a press statement detailing its $60 billion plan to expand home ownership among African Americans. The initiative comes at a time when state agencies have been raising concerns over low homeownership among African Americans and Hispanics. […]

How Do I Qualify for a Home Loan?

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Qualifying for a home loan is not as easy as just walking into a bank. One of the strings attached to the low interest rates are the incredibly stringent lending requirements. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a new set of Qualified Mortgage Standards that came into effect in January 2014, largely as a result […]

The Financial Reality of Homeownership

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More so than ever before, buyers are finding themselves up against an array of obstacles that must be overcome prior to obtaining the keys to their new home; the first of which is saving for that down payment. Outstanding debt, checkered employment histories, and a lack of documentation are other substantial obstacles that will hinder […]

Los Angeles Market Overview

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If you’re considering moving to Los Angeles, be prepared for steep prices. The Los Angeles metro is an extremely hot sellers’ market with little for-sale inventory and excessive buyer demand. The area is pricey with a median home value of $533,700, well above the national median of $178,700. Regardless, buyers are still competing for expensive […]

Real Estate Market Focus: New York

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  New York City is a hot sellers’ market with steep home prices and appreciating home values, but the greater New York metro is a buyers’ market, where inventory is high and competition to purchase homes is low. The median home value in the New York metro is $382,900, far below New York City’s $553,900 […]