The Bond Market

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Turbulent conditions of the market are leading many investors to consider bonds as an option over stocks. Although bonds can contribute positively in a well-established portfolio, there are few important considerations that investors should take prior to investing. In many cases bonds are viewed as the safe investment option but like any investment, bonds carry […]

Investing In A Pool

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Summer is right around the corner! Are you dreaming of investing in a pool? A wonderful backyard oasis to entertain friends and spend time with your family is certainly alluring as we gear up for warmer weather. Before you get too excited and call up the builder, take a moment to consider if investing in […]

Single Family Home vs. Multiple Unit Properties

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Deciding whether to buy a single family home or a multiple unit property is a easy decision for me, because I am fifty-three years old, and I can remember buying my first home. It was not a multiple unit property, but I wish it was.  I made the mistake that many other first time homebuyers […]