Fraud Conspiracy Guilty Verdit

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In a case of fraud against the US government, two men in eastern Pennsylvania were found guilty. The allegations were for fraudulent attempts to entice investors to put money into the parent company which they received from the bank, which would be classified as a circular lending scheme. Background for the Case The two men […]

Solar Panels: Are They For Me?

Solar panels

Solar panels have long been considered one of the primary alternative sources of energy with potential to lower energy costs and carbon emissions. Experts estimate solar panels will only generate between 16% and 20% of electricity by 2050 (Solar City, 2016). ┬áTheir use in commercial, government buildings, and schools has increased steadily over the last […]

Investing In A Pool

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Summer is right around the corner! Are you dreaming of investing in a pool? A wonderful backyard oasis to entertain friends and spend time with your family is certainly alluring as we gear up for warmer weather. Before you get too excited and call up the builder, take a moment to consider if investing in […]