The New Black Migration: Part III

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The state of the African American family structure has been talked about much in recent years. A trend of single-mother homes has been an issue for quite some time. The risk here is that the household will suffer in financial stability because there is only one income. With regards to African American women, sixty-eight percent, […]

The New Black Migration: Part II

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Throughout major cities, African Americans have moved out of cities and created a mass migration away from urban areas throughout the nation. Where cities used to be predominantly black, they are now losing a key portion of their populations: blacks. The effects on African Americans are much more than what meet the eye. A trend […]

The New Black Migration: Part I


Demographics are rapidly changing in the United States. However, a shift in population is becoming even more prevalent and apparent in inner cities. Suburban sprawl had numerous effects on changing the look of major urban centers around the nation, with one of these effects being a change in the urban demographics. When it came to […]