Dividing American Wealth

Dividing American Wealth

Financial inequality is only growing in the United States. White Americans averaged a total of $134,200 in wealth for 2013 while African American families had only $11,000, with Hispanic American families showing $13,700 in wealth (CNN, 2016). This discrepancy is only growing. In 1995, white families had six times as much wealth as Hispanics, but […]

No More Excuses: Buy Now

No More Excuses Buy Now

The following are thirty excuses that people make for not wanting to buy a home today. These excuses are not real. They are smoke screens to cover up a ​more serious psychological or emotional issue that is a result of past financial failures or ​financial trauma. It could be due to being a participant or […]

The Plight of African Americans: Startling Truths With Few Solutions

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Those in the African American community are far too familiar with the struggles of homeownership. A history of redlining and blockbusting has only been compounded by the recent tightening of credit. It seems like African Americans are always under incredible scrutiny, even when they are trying to contribute to their communities by investing in real […]

New HUD Rules to Reinvigorate Fair Housing


The Fair Housing Act of 1968 was enacted at the height of the civil rights era with the intent to bar racial discrimination and require all government entities to end segregation. Its mandate was to ensure everyone had equal access to housing regardless of race, color, religion, or national origin (NFHA, 2015). However, over the […]