Real Estate Update: Riverside, California

Real Estate Update Riverside

Riverside and I have a long, amazing history together. I have lived here for more than fifteen years with my lovely wife, Ruby. Two of my four daughters graduated from Riverside City College and UC Riverside and they love the college town atmosphere near both campuses. Although my fifteen years is only a drop in […]

Architectural Styles Driving Value

Architectural Styles Driving Value

Some homes make a bigger first impression than others. While curb appeal and other features have a lot to do with drawing a potential buyer in, the overall design of the house is a major factor as to whether a buyer will call for a tour of the property. While numerous architectural styles exist, some […]

Picking the Right Home

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Looking for a new home can and will be quite a confusing and even stressful experience at first. Whether you have just settled down with the person of your dreams and decided to buy a new house, or you just got that promotion and can finally afford to purchase your first home. It is going […]

Why Buy Now?

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You do not like where you are now, whether that be in your parent’s basement or a cramped single family home. What do you do? Buy now. You need to buy now, because it is definitely not the right time to rent. Renters throughout the nation are suffering under increasing rents even though the average […]