NAHREP Ernie J. Reyes Memorial Scholarship

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The Ernie J. Reyes Memorial Scholarship Program is a wonderful opportunity for college-bound kids of the NAHREP community. It is scholarships like these that enable students to attend college without incurring massive amounts of debt after graduation -debts that often keeps graduates from putting down a deposit on their dream home. What is the Scholarship? […]

Dividing American Wealth

Dividing American Wealth

Financial inequality is only growing in the United States. White Americans averaged a total of $134,200 in wealth for 2013 while African American families had only $11,000, with Hispanic American families showing $13,700 in wealth (CNN, 2016). This discrepancy is only growing. In 1995, white families had six times as much wealth as Hispanics, but […]

No More Excuses: Buy Now

No More Excuses Buy Now

The following are thirty excuses that people make for not wanting to buy a home today. These excuses are not real. They are smoke screens to cover up a ​more serious psychological or emotional issue that is a result of past financial failures or ​financial trauma. It could be due to being a participant or […]

Depending on Social Security in Retirement

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Ever since it was first developed during FDR’s administration with the New Deal, Americans have been relying on Social Security for much of their retirement. It may coincide with investments, retirement accounts and pension funds, but it makes up at least a portion of the income seniors live on after they retire. If you are […]

Building Personal Savings

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The biggest hurdle when moving from renting to owning your own home is saving the money for a down payment. Saving up enough money to purchase a home takes dedication, sacrifice, and a clear plan. The average price of a home in the US is roughly $224,000 (Sale Price of Existing Home). Prices have been […]