Finishing what you started or just developing a habit of completing projects is an important key to success. This habit will serve you well your entire life and is also the foundation to high productivity and extraordinary success.  Keeping the commitments made and never missing deadlines for anything is a lifelong struggle for everyone, but it is achievable if you are determined.  Getting along with coworkers and learning to collaborate successfully is an absolute necessity for success.  Your ability to work with people is one of the most important components of success in business and life, because rarely does anyone make it completely on their own.  It takes a team and collaboration with others.  We all stand on the shoulders of people who have come before us or who are working with us now.  Determination is what is required to work with people and to accept people who are not like you, think like you, or look like you, but you need everything they bring to the relationship, and they need you also to be successful.  Mutual determination to work together to achieve a unified goal will lead to success.

Determination also enables you to fight through adversity and to embrace change to occur in your life without missing out on the success you are seeking.  Let change take its best shot, and watch determination keep you standing instead of falling down for the eight counts. Change is simply part of the terrain you must endure as you travel your chosen pathway to success. Sometimes you have to cross rivers, climb mountains, deal with the harsh elements, or fight wild beasts that seek to eat you or just kill you.  Come what may, your determination is a result of preparation and absolute dedication to the age old mantra “failure is not an option”, which is only spoken by those who  are truly prepared to do what it takes, for as long as it takes, to win.  However, being determined does not mean that you are blind or unaware of the time. If a project is eating up time and not producing the results you are looking for, then be quick to change direction and making adjustments until you have completed the project.  You could also completely modify the project so that you can finish the project and achieve the project goals.  You are the author and creator of all of your project dreams and goals. Just like you have created the project and the goal that come with it, you can change them.  Determined people are not infallible people; they are smart people who “know what time it is.”  They have learn to  fail often and quickly, but to never give up.  Failure is just opportunity to change direction so you can always finish on top.

We are in control of your lives. Adversity and change is not a respecter of persons, professions, or the determined.  Being able to deal with adversity and make the adjustments that change may demand is what makes us all successful.  If we can all take this one component of success to heart  “determination”, I believe that the road to success will open wide with an abundance of opportunity to keep achieving and growing in your success.  We have the power to be determined in everything we seek to accomplish and that power is now.

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Eric Lawrence Frazier

President and CEO